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Enter the world of DJ Tony Moran with The Tony Moran Legacy Series, a collection of continuous mixes paying tribute to the prodigious House Music and Gay Circuit DJ. Celebrating his legacy, these mixes showcase the artistry of a DJ who demanded nothing less than perfection in his work. Immerse yourself in the sounds that have left an indelible mark on the dance music scene. Get ready to groove to the beats that defined an era!

The Ultimate Tony Moran Legacy Vol. 4

Tony Moran — The Ultimate Legacy: The Final Act of an Epic Musical Journey

We’ve arrived at the final chapter of our monumental journey through the awe-inspiring career of Tony Moran, with the fourth and final volume of the Ultimate Tony Moran Legacy series. Each volume so far has been a lesson in Moran’s unmatched versatility and influence, and this grand finale is no exception. Opening with Judy Torres’ …Read More, Stream and Download

The Ultimate Tony Moran Legacy Vol. 3

Tony Moran — The Ultimate Legacy Volume 3: Exploring the Depths of Genius

Welcome back to the third volume of our Ultimate Tony Moran Legacy series, where we delve even further into the extraordinary oeuvre of Tony Moran. With each set, it becomes abundantly clear that Moran isn’t just a one-hit-wonder; he’s an industry titan whose flair for remixing and production has left an indelible mark on dance …Read More, Stream and Download

The Ultimate Tony Moran Legacy Vol. 2

Tony Moran’s Unfading Brilliance in Volume 2 of Our Legacy Tribute

As Tony Moran marched into the 21st century, his artistic brilliance only intensified, shining even more luminously than before. Moran has skillfully remixed a bevy of the era’s most resplendent tunes, crafting a discography that reads like an exclusive guest list to our own Diva Hall of Fame. The need to enumerate these names is …Read More, Stream and Download

The Ultimate Tony Moran Legacy Vol. 1

Tony Moran Legacy Series Volume 1: Honoring a Dance Music Legend

Revered DJ, producer, and remixer Tony Moran has been a formidable force in the dance music universe for over 30 years. With an illustrious career that boasts two Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart-toppers in 2007 alone—”Walk Away” featuring Kristine W and “Keep Your Body Working” featuring Martha Wash—Moran is no stranger to the pinnacle …Read More, Stream and Download