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Black and white photo of to two feet in Converse low tops criss crossed in a relaxing position for the cover art of the Chill Out categoryThe “Chill Out” channel offers an eclectic mix of soothing tracks, blending genres such as Deep House, Melodic House, Organic House, and Lounge into a seamless, continuous experience. This channel is perfect for those moments when you want to unwind and immerse yourself in a tranquil musical journey. Whether you’re looking to zone out or simply enjoy a laid-back lounge atmosphere, the Chill Out channel is your go-to destination for relaxing vibes.

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The Chill Out Sessions: Serendipia

In our latest Chill Out session, “Serendipia,” we dive into a world where Deep House, Melodic House, Organic House and Lounge intertwine to create a uniquely soothing experience. This episode carefully avoids the superficial, instead offering a deep, authentic dive into the soul of chill music. Kicking off with Crew Deep’s “A Whole New Level” …Read More, Stream and Download

Barren swamp with lifeless trees as the sun rises for the cover art of Be the Change Chill Out Sessions.

Chill Out Sessions — Be The Change

It’s been nearly a full orbit around the sun since Party Favorz graced your playlists with our last Chill Out Session mix. We figured the universe was giving us a nudge to drop another one for those seeking a mental escape. Clocking in at just over two hours, this latest installment is finely-tuned to serve …Read More, Stream and Download

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The Chill Out Sessions — As One

As we rush towards the end of 2022, I wanted to bring some serenity into your chaotic life with “As One,” the much-anticipated addition to our Chill Out Sessions series. Designed as a tranquil counterpoint to life’s chaos, this set came together through a meticulous year-long curation process. While the initial plan was to release …Read More, Stream and Download

Winter Chill Out Music — A Feeling

Party Favorz is kicking the new year off with ‘A Feeling‘ a winter chill out music journey which starts off very lowkey before picking up. There are some points where you might think the roof is on fire but everything quickly simmers down to a low boil. I began compiling tracks for the next Disco …Read More, Stream and Download

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Summer Farewell 2021 | The Chill Edition

As we near the end of the 2021 summer season, Party Favorz is cooling things down with our latest Chill Out session, Summer Farewell. This set features a wide variety of laidback styles including Deep House, Electronica, Lounge, NuJazz, Minimal, and Progressive House to help you slow down and prepare for Fall. Granted, the summer …Read More, Stream and Download

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Summer Dreamin’ | Chill Music To Escape By

It’s been quite a while since Party Favorz dropped our last chill set but I had been throwing songs into a folder for awhile now and took a peak before deciding it was time to create a new set of laidback luxury that just washes over you while keeping your worries at bay. Sometimes, life …Read More, Stream and Download

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Chill To the Final Days Of Summer | Summer Farewell 2020

I’ve been working since early this morning on our next “ultimate” series scheduled to be staggered out between September – November that I completely forgot to post the final mix of summer. Summer Farewell is an annual collection but could be anything from Dance Club, Disco House and in past years Chill Out. Since this …Read More, Stream and Download

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Be Free | Summer Chill 2020

Party Favorz had re-added the Chill Out category a couple of months ago and has finally gotten around to putting out our first in hopefully what will be a long succession of Lounge/Chill/Indie sets that fit one of your many moods. Be Free is a culmination of some of the finest in Lounge music at …Read More, Stream and Download