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Woman in red fur coat, Paco Rabanne tank top and chanel purse for the cover art of Good Life featuring the latest funky hous music for fall.

Fall Funky House Music Mix — Good Life

Party Favorz is back, and we’re not just tiptoeing in, we’re diving headfirst into the freshest Funky House Music that’s electrifying dance floors as we speak! To kick things off, we’re easing you into the groove with Birdee & Dr Packer’s sultry number, “You Know I’m Ready.” But wait, we’re only warming up here. Ah, …Read More, Stream and Download

Barren swamp with lifeless trees as the sun rises for the cover art of Be the Change Chill Out Sessions.

Chill Out Sessions — Be The Change

It’s been nearly a full orbit around the sun since Party Favorz graced your playlists with our last Chill Out Session mix. We figured the universe was giving us a nudge to drop another one for those seeking a mental escape. Clocking in at just over two hours, this latest installment is finely-tuned to serve …Read More, Stream and Download

Woman on a bike at the beach wearing a retro Jethro Tull t-shirt and shorts for the cover art of Summer Farewell the end of summer dance party mix.

End of Summer Dance Party Mix! — Summer Farewell 2023

As the sun continues to blaze across the globe, Party Favorz is here to turn up the heat with our closing dance party mix of the season, Summer Farewell 2023. Our goal? To make you feel the pulsating energy of the latest club songs, unforgettable party tracks, and revamped classics, all blended into one seamless …Read More, Stream and Download