Rave Machine | Going Underground With the Latest Tech House Tracks!

As promised, I’m dropping “Rave Machine,” the latest from the Underground House series and this one is a thumper! It’s definitely darker than past efforts but looking back, that seems to be the norm around this time of year. I did my best to flesh it out with some …Read More & Download


Disco Glamour | Get Down To the Latest Funky Disco House Music!

I’m back a bit earlier than expected with the next installment in the Funky Disco House series, “Disco Glamour.” This set stays true to itself in that it delivers the finest NuDisco, House, Deep House and Funky House tracks that are glittering the skies right now! While this set …Read More & Download

Winter Edition 2019 | Gear Up for the HOTTEST Circuit Tribal House of the Winter!

Given the erratic weather we’ve been experiencing,  the title is a bit misleading. Last week we were in a deep freeze for several days followed by unseasonably warm weather. Now, things have tamped down a bit with cooler temps but it feels more like spring a whole month before we …Read More & Download

The Ultimate New Year's Dance Party Mix

Blow Your Own Horn 2019 | The Ultimate New Year’s Dance Party Mix

Party Favorz is back with the ultimate New Year’s dance party mix, Blow Your Own Horn 2019.  This annual series started back in 2013 as a showcase of some of the finest bootlegs, mashups and party tracks from the year as well as year’s past. It’s meant to be one …Read More & Download


Year In Dance 2018 pt. 3 | The Biggest Dance-Club Hits of the Year!

Well, folks, I did it! I’ve been running a marathon since November trying to stay on track in whipping out these dance music time capsules. We have reached the end with part 3 of the Year In Dance 2018. I have to say that at the very least, 2018 has …Read More & Download


Year In Dance 2018 pt. 2 | The Biggest Dance-Club Hits of the Year!

As we count down the days to Christmas, Party Favorz is on a tear remembering the year that was in dance music. The Year In Dance 2018 part 2 keeps that promise by delivering even more of the BIGGEST club hits of the year! Recently, one of our followers …Read More & Download


Year In Dance 2018 pt. 1 | The Biggest Dance-Club Hits of the Year! [Updated]

Welcome to the 2018 Year in Dance featuring the biggest Dance Club hits of the year! For those new around here, the Year in Dance is a collection of the biggest commercial dance hits from across multiple spectrums from the past year. Party Favorz compiles the tracks based on Billboard’s Year-End Charts …Read More & Download


A Very Funky House X-Mas | Funky House Music Grooves to Get You Through the Holidays

As promised, Party Favorz is delivering a surprise set of funky house music grooves to help get you through the holidays! A Very Funky House X-Mas arrives just in time for those that need a spiritual boost during what can be a trying time for many. Bad sweaters, eggnog, fruitcake, …Read More & Download

Holiday Edition 2018

Holiday Edition 2018 | Jingle Your Bells to the Latest Circuit Tribal House Music!

I figured I’d get a jump on things and drop an unexpected surprise for you folks next week in its stead. Party Favorz decided to bring the party indoors and is releasing the annual Holiday Edition a week early! The Holiday Edition 2018 is chock-full of the biggest Circuit Tribal …Read More & Download

Jingle Electric 2018

Jingle Electric 2018 | The Season’s Hottest Dance-Club Hits! | Revised

It’s that time a year again, where Party Favorz delivers one final massive Dance Club set of the latest hits currently on your radar or soon will be. In keeping with tradition, I like to use a vintage holiday-themed pin-up girl for the artwork of which there appears to be …Read More & Download

X-mas Dance 2k18

X-Mas Dance 2K18 | The Ultimate Non-stop Christmas Dance Mix!

I see many of you have already been hitting up on last year’s X-Mas Dance Mix. FYI, all past Christmas dance mixes are still available on the site by clicking here. I’ve been holding out for some new entries and only three came through. Out of those, only one …Read More & Download

Cher - The Diva Series 2018

Cher 2018 | The Diva Series | Updated

Cher is a woman who requires no introduction. For 60 years, the DIVA has been a multi-talented singer, actress, and businesswoman that has accumulated an accolade of awards from Grammy’s, Oscar’s, Emmy, Golden Globe’s, and was recently honored by the Kennedy Center. Her contribution to pop culture cannot be understated. Recently, …Read More & Download