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Large stell vault with the words "Dance Classics" engraved on the handleThe “Dance Classics” channel offers a journey through time with non-stop mixes from four iconic decades of dance music. This channel brings together the most memorable dance songs from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 00s. Enjoy a diverse collection of tracks that have made an enduring impact on dance floors worldwide. Whether you’re revisiting favorites or discovering classics for the first time, this channel is your gateway to the enduring beats and rhythms that have defined generations.

Wooden crate full of records with the word "Backspin" etched across the top, and a iPod + earbuds leaning up against it.

Progress House Classics & Other Millennial Favorites: BackSpin Volume 1

Have you been scrolling through TikTok lately, searching for the next big thing in club music? You might be encountering a surge of tracks labeled “Afro House.” But hold on a minute – isn’t that what Progressive House used to be called? This trend of rebranding classic genres isn’t new. Remember when Deep House morphed …Read More, Stream and Download

Disco ball with a Santa hat in the middle of the mult-color dance floor for the Cover art of X-mas Dance 2k12 featuring Chrismas dance songs remixed

Christmas Remix Songs For Dance: X-mas Dance 2k23

After last year’s brief hiatus, Party Favorz makes a triumphant return with a dazzling array of Christmas remix songs for dance to set your holiday season alight. This year, we’ve meticulously selected and revamped classic tunes, infusing them with a fresh, danceable energy. A Festive Fusion of Classics and Contemporary Beats We’ve included timeless holiday …Read More, Stream and Download

CD with green flame over it; Millennial Dance Classics 2003 - 2004 volume 3

Top 2000s Dance Music Classics Volume 3 [2003 — 2004]

Dive into the captivating era of dance music with Party Favorz’s final volume of the ‘Top 2000s Dance Music Classics‘ series, covering iconic tunes from 2003 to 2004. This collection showcases some of the biggest dance hits and hidden treasures that defined this pivotal period in dance music. Among the influential contributors of this period …Read More, Stream and Download

T.G.I.D., Thank God It's Disco Volume 8 cover art featuring popular disco songs reworked for today's dancefloors

Popular Disco Songs Remixed & Reimagined — Thank God It’s Disco Volume 8

We have finally arrived at the grand finale of the ‘Thank God It’s Disco‘ series, and volume 8 offers a richly packed 4-hour set. This compilation provides an appealing mix of familiar favorites and rare gems among popular disco songs, each carefully remastered for today’s audience. A standout track in this volume is Chemise’s “She …Read More, Stream and Download