Frankie Knuckles

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Sway to our Frankie Knuckles tribute mix, a compilation of his legendary dance hits. Relive the magic of the “Godfather of House Music”. Dive in now!

Frankie Knuckles Gold

Frankie Knuckles House Music Tribute Volume 2

The resonance of Frankie Knuckles’ influence on the house music scene reverberates like the pulsing beats he expertly mixed. Recognized as the “Godfather of House Music,” Frankie Knuckles wasn’t just a DJ or a producer; he was a trailblazer whose influence transcended generations. As we continue our tribute to this monumental figure in Volume 2, …Read More, Stream and Download

Frankie Knuckles Silver

Frankie Knuckles House Music Tribute Volume 1

Navigating through the storied tapestry of house music, you’ll undoubtedly come across the seminal influence of Frankie Knuckles, often lauded as the “Godfather of House Music.” While the origins of house can be debated, there’s no questioning Frankie Knuckles’ everlasting impact on the genre. His legacy resonates not only through the historical corridors of house …Read More, Stream and Download