00s Dance Music Classics

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Upside down headphone on a yellow circle background that looks like a smiley face for the 00s Dance Classics category. Dive into the “00s Dance Music Classics” channel and relive the best beats of the millennium. From the deep, progressive rhythms of the early 2000s to the high-energy Electro House that took over clubs later in the decade, we’ve got it all. This channel mixes up the decade’s standout dance songs, giving you a taste of the diverse House Music scene that kept our feet moving. Tune in for non-stop hits that defined a generation of dance.

Wooden crate full of records with the word "Backspin" etched across the top, and a iPod + earbuds leaning up against it.

Progress House Classics & Other Millennial Favorites: BackSpin Volume 1

Have you been scrolling through TikTok lately, searching for the next big thing in club music? You might be encountering a surge of tracks labeled “Afro House.” But hold on a minute – isn’t that what Progressive House used to be called? This trend of rebranding classic genres isn’t new. Remember when Deep House morphed …Read More, Stream and Download

CD with green flame over it; Millennial Dance Classics 2003 - 2004 volume 3

Top 2000s Dance Music Classics Volume 3 [2003 — 2004]

Dive into the captivating era of dance music with Party Favorz’s final volume of the ‘Top 2000s Dance Music Classics‘ series, covering iconic tunes from 2003 to 2004. This collection showcases some of the biggest dance hits and hidden treasures that defined this pivotal period in dance music. Among the influential contributors of this period …Read More, Stream and Download