Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

The Latest Tech House, Bass House and Techno

In the midst of moving this weekend, I was able to complete the Peak Hour “Throw Your Hands Up” – a set I finished over a week ago and features the latest Tech House, Bass House, Techno, and more!

That being said, I can’t help but notice a trend in the dance music industry. The volume of new releases is declining, particularly in commercial dance. Gone are the days when big music labels paid top-tier DJs to remix their tracks. Even remix bootlegs are getting scarce nowadays.

Genres like Tech House, which once dominated dance floors, have been diluted, and now, Bass House and Big Room is stepping into the limelight. However, most of it echoes the sounds of Future House and EDM, which themselves were successors to Electro House. Personally, I see potential in the Breaks or Breakbeat genre, but I’m aware of its limited appeal. Even Techno can be a bit redundant but when it’s done right — it’s hot!

This year hasn’t seen many ground-breaking tracks capable of electrifying dancefloors worldwide. Billboard Magazine discontinuing its Dance Club chart could be a significant factor behind this. Instead, we’re seeing songs primarily made for streaming, with no extended versions, and a lack of originality in the new releases that heavily rely on past hits. Let’s face it — these songs are not paying homage rather they’re being lazy in writing and creating new sounds.

This scarcity of fresh content is likely to lead to shorter sets, with Dance Classics compilations being the exception. What’s concerning is the growing trend of music charts being skewed by tactics like bundling CD sales with ticket sales and merch, and having all the tracks off an album by the biggest artists charting without official releases or videos.

Frankly, Spotify is the bane of my existence and has been the worst thing for the entire music industry. Everything is about singles and streaming with only the biggest artists profiting from it. It’s completely destroyed the validity of the Billboard Top 100 and album chart, with Billboard being complicit in how they’re now ranking songs. With Spotify stuffing big releases into everyone’s playlist no matter if they follow the artist or not — it’s starting to give the appearance of RICO violations or what used to be known in the industry as pay to play but I digress because I’m not a lawyer only a music fan. This is NOT an indictment of their service, but if it walks like a duck…

Despite these tectonic shifts, the role of Party Favorz remains the same. Our mission is to navigate through the dynamics of the industry, bringing you the finest and most innovative trends in Tech House, Bass House, Techno, and beyond! We’re committed to our task, even if the industry seems to be lacking in many aspects.

On a closing note, Gay Pride will hopefully commence next week, or the week after at the latest. In the meantime, make sure you keep the music playing, and always remember to…ENJOY!

Album: Throw Your Hands Up
Artists: Various
Genre: Tech House, Bass House, Breakbeat, Techno
Length: 02:20:52

1. Anyma (ofc) – Explore Your Future (Extended Version)

2. Jengi, Darude x Zombic x Sterbinszy – Bel Mercy x Sandstorm (Adam b Edit Intro Clean)

3. Odd Mob x Dom Dolla – Tokyo Drift x Left To Right x New Gold (WeDamnz Mashup Intro Clean)

4. The Martinez Brothers & Tokischa – KILO (LSDXOXO Remix)

5. Matroda – Throw Your Hands (Original Mix)

6. Kevin McKay – Get Busy (Extended Mix)

7. Chapter & Verse – Move Left Move Right (Extended Mix)

8. Parisi x Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso – U Ok (Original Mix)

9. Norty Cotto – All That Shakin (Norty Cotto Club Revamp)

10. Biscits – Dont Stop (Original Mix)

11. Huda Hudia & DJ Keri – Rise Up! (Original Mix)

12. Martin Ikin & The Melody Men – Feel The Same (Extended Mix)

13. Van Snyder & Withard – Dance (Extended Mix)

14. Vintage Culture – Rock The Casbah (Extended Mix)

15. Craze – Ride That Thang (Original Mix)

16. ESSEL – Sweat (Extended Mix)

17. Matroda with Dino DZ – Saturday Love (Original Club Mix)

18. Van Snyder & TOROK – Love In My Heart (Extended Mix)

19. Kelis x Alex Guardina – Destination Milkshake (Ben Rainey Mashup)

20. Mau P – Your Mind Is Dirty (Extended Mix)

21. Meduza – Friends (Extended Mix)

22. Delerium feat. Sarah Mclachlan – Silence (Gabry Ponte & R3spawn Extended Remix)

23. ZOOTAH & Mingue – Cherry Pop (Extended Mix)

24. Borai & Denham Audio – Make Me (Extended Mix)

25. Sean Paul x Benny Benassi x Truth & Lies x David Guetta – Temperature x Satisfaction (128-126 Oreo Says GO Mashup)

26. Sak Noel x Franklin Dam – Pastillas (Extended Mix)

27. Gwen Stefani x Oomloud – Hollaback Girl (Angelo Its Tricky Edit Intro Dirty)

28. Keith Mackenzie – The Weekend (Original Mix)

29. SLVR & offrami feat. Flirta D – Badder (Original Mix)

30. X Prod – Classical (Original Mix)

31. Destroyers & Aggresivnes – Wicked Acid (Original Mix)

32. Stereo Express – Rise Of The 2nd Sun (Original Mix)

33. Lee Rose – Born Slippy (Extended Mix)

34. Heerhorst, Teenage Mutants & Peter Pahn – Dark Clouds (Original Mix)

35. Alesso x The Weeknd x Skrillex – Rumble Dat Creepin Insomniac Pressure (GESES Festival Mashup)

36. Shadow Child – Warehouse Anthem (Polymod Remix)

37. Hypaton x David Guetta feat. La Bouche – Be My Lover (2023 Mix) (Extended Mix)

38. Oliver Heldens, DJs From Mars & JD Davis – Blue Monday (Extended Mix)

39. Avicii – Levels 2023 (MFresh Club Mix)

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