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Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Toni Braxton | The Diva Series

Get ready, because today we’re shining the Diva Hall of Fame spotlight on a voice that needs no introduction—Toni Braxton. This smoky-voiced songstress burst onto the scene in the early ’90s, not just as the demo voice behind Anita Baker for the Boomerang soundtrack’s “You Were Meant For Me,” but as a full-blown star when Anita gave Babyface the nudge to keep the original vocals. And voila! A legendary DIVA was born.

However, Toni’s ascent to stardom wasn’t all glitz and glam. She famously tussled with LaFace Records over the rights and royalties to her music, sparking a financial storm that led to a very public bankruptcy. Despite these obstacles, the resilience and voice that only Toni could offer were undeterred. She eventually patched things up with Babyface, because how can you keep two greats apart for too long?

But hey, let’s talk about those chart-topping hits that not only dominated the radio airwaves but also got a thumping dance-floor makeover. “Un-Break My Heart,” when spun into the Soul Hex Anthem (Soul Solution & Hex Hector Collboration) remix, is an irresistible force of nature that propels everyone from their barstools right to the middle of the floor. Its melancholic lyrics find a new, uplifting home amidst soaring tribal beats became a gay anthem for the ages.

Or what about “You’re Making Me High,” in the David Morales Classic Mix? This version amplifies everything sultry about the original track, adding rhythmic intensity that’s as intoxicating as the subject matter. And let’s not forget the transformative Frankie Knuckles Remix of “I Don’t Want To,” or the sizzling HQ2 Mix of “Spanish Guitar.” These versions allow her vocal talents to shine in a club-friendly atmosphere, captivating us all.

Simply put, Toni Braxton is a triple threat; her voice, her visage, and her unstoppable energy make her an undeniable diva. The number of chart-toppers she’s amassed is staggering, and her adaptability to the dance floor makes her a Diva Hall of Fame shoo-in.

So, let’s raise our glasses, turn up the volume, and give a roaring welcome to the incomparable Toni Braxton.

Until the next time… ENJOY!

Album : Toni Braxton
Genre : Club, House
Year : 2014
Total Time : 1:31:42.00

1. I Don’t Want To (Frankie Knuckles Remix)

2. You’re Making Me High (Classic Mix)

3. Un-Break My Heart (Soul Hex Anthem Vocal)

4. Hit The Freeway (HQ2 Vocal Club Mix)

5. Maybe (HQ2 Club Mix)

6. Yesterday (Virgo Brothers Club Mix)

7. Hands Tied (Hex Hector Club Mix)

8. Make My Heart (Alexander & Mark VDH Club Mix)

9. I Heart You (Marc Picchiotti Club Mix)

10. He Wasn’t Man Enough (Peter Rauhofer NYC Club Mix)

11. Un-Break My Heart (Wayne G Allure Anthem)

12. Spanish Guitar (HQ2 Mix)

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