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Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 16 years!

Aretha Franklin: Legacy Edition [1942 – 2018] | Modern Dance Reworks of Her Iconic Hits

Aretha Franklin from her Stax recording sessions in front of a microphone for the coverart of Aretha: Legacy 1942 -2018

Aretha Franklin first earned her spot in the Diva Hall of Fame back in 2016. Diving into her extensive discography—much of which predates my own musical awakening—left me utterly captivated. It’s not just house music or the dance genres celebrated on Party Favorz that fascinate me; I’m a music aficionado through and through. My love spans everything from Motown to Stax, Soul, Disco, New Wave, Hard Rock, Punk, Country, and Pop.

Franklin stands out as a monumental figure in my musical landscape. Whether I need a boost or I’m already riding a high, her songs are my go-to. Her vocal prowess and stylistic versatility are unmatched, and her influence during the politically charged 60s—when civil rights and anti-war protests were front and center—makes her deserving of her title, the Queen of Soul.

Although Party Favorz focuses predominantly on dance music, Franklin’s contributions to the genre shouldn’t be underestimated. While she wasn’t initially part of the dance music scene, her foray into it began in the early 80s with the disco classic “Jump To It” and later in the decade after switching Clive Davis’ Arista Records on hits like “Freeway of Love,” “Who’s Zoomin’ Who,” and “Another Night.” These songs showed her knack for genre fluidity.

By the early 90s, Franklin had truly ventured into House Music, thanks to the C + C Music Factory’s remix of “A Deeper Love” from the “Sister Act 2” soundtrack. This track has not only become a staple in DJ sets but also holds significant meaning for the LGBTQ community.

Worth noting is how today’s DJs are reviving many of Franklin’s earlier hits for new audiences. These songs are often sampled and remixed, creating a bridge between her legacy and contemporary dance music. This updated set is an extension of her original Diva Hall of Fame induction, and it incorporates new releases and alternate versions that weren’t initially featured.

As I heard about Franklin’s illness, I felt compelled to revisit and expand this collection. I won’t lie; blending these diverse genres was a complex undertaking, but it’s been a labor of love. Today, Party Favorz honors Aretha Franklin, an undisputed icon in American music history, in the only way we know how. With utmost love and R-E-S-P-E-C-T, ladies and gentlemen, I present the incredible Aretha Franklin.

Until the next time…ENJOY!

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Album : Aretha Franklin [1942 – 2018] | Legacy
Genre : House, Soul
Year : 2018
Total Time : 1:47:52

1. Chain Of Fools (Shimi Sonic Remix)

2. Think (91 Remix)

3. Since You’ve Been Gone (Tom Moulton Extended Mix)

4. Here We Go Again (Morales Classic Mix)

5. Rolling In The Deep (Wideboys Club Remix)

6. Get It Right (DJ ”S” Bootleg Remix)

7. Jump To It (Twism & B3RAO Mix)

8. Everyday People (Remix)

9. I’m Every Woman/Respect (Eric Kupper Club Mix)

10. I Say A Little Prayer (Dimitri From Paris Re-Edit)

11. A Rose Is Still A Rose (Love To Infinity Club Mix)

12. Freeway Of Love (DJ LGV Funky House Remix 2006)

13. The Only Thing Missin’ (Furilla Remix)

14. I Will Survive (The Aretha Version) (Terry Hunter Extended Remix)

15. A Deeper Love (Chic Remix By Thierry B)

16. Who’s Zoomin’ Who (Bernd Hess HooverDeluxeEdit 2014)

17. Until You Come Back 2 Me (Dom Navarra House Remix)

18. Respect (Discotizer’s Jacked Up Remix)

19. Rock Steady (Disco Tech Re-Krivit Edit)

20. Chain of Fools (The SAME Remix)

21. A Deeper Love (Sam Halabi Mixes)

22. Baby, I Love You (Sammy Senior Remix)

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