Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Everything But the Girl: From Indie Pop to Dance Icons — The Diva Series

In the often capricious world of music, bands come and go, leaving only ephemeral traces. But not Everything But The Girl. Founded in 1982 by Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt, the British duo has always been emblematic of a refined genre that fuses jazz, pop, and electronic music. For many years, they carved out their own niche, their music celebrated by a dedicated, though relatively small, fanbase. Then came Todd Terry and his remix of  “Missing,” from their “Amplified Heart” album and suddenly Everything But The Girl was an overnight success 12 years in the making.

The Todd Terry remix of “Missing” was transformative, not just for the band but for the trajectory of dance music in general. There are songs that have the power to define an era, and “Missing” certainly belongs to this select group. This single track transformed EBTG from being a band that appealed to a niche audience to a staple in dance clubs and on the radio worldwide. It showcased the remarkable adaptability of Thorn and Watt’s music for a whole new audience, repackaging their artistry in a way that resonated with fans of club music.

Diving into their foray into the dance realm, it’s hard to overlook tracks like “Lullaby Of Clubland,” reimagined by Ben Watt himself into a ‘Summer Storm Remix.’ It captures the essence of a languid, steamy summer night, eliciting that same kind of emotive response that EBTG has been known for. Similarly, “Five Fathoms,” refashioned by Kevin Yost into the “Everything & A Groove” Mix, and “The Future Of The Future (Stay Gold)” with a Deep Dish Extended Mix, exemplify the band’s seamless transition into the world of dance music. Both songs have a narrative depth, reimagined through transformative remixes that highlight the band’s knack for storytelling through melody.

And then, of course, there’s the song with two identities: “Tracey In My Room” and “Wrong.” Both titles refer to the same musical base but were released as different remixes at different times. The Lazy Dog Bootleg Vocal Mix and Deep Dish 12″ Remix highlight the duo’s fluidity in adapting to different musical contexts without losing the essence of their artistic identity.

And what about Driving with a Todd Terry Remix? It has the same transformative energy as “Missing,” serving as another testament to the groundbreaking remix capabilities of DJs like Terry in taking a song from one genre and successfully crossing it into another.

I have to share an anecdote here that puts everything into perspective. Earlier this summer, a close friend who was relocating to New York asked for a new copy of an EBTG mix I’d made for her the previous year. In creating a new mix, I realized how this band had, in a way, inspired the creation of our Diva Hall of Fame channel. EBTG’s influence is not just about the music or their journey into dance—it’s also about the emotional resonance that persists long after the music has stopped.

So whether you’re an aficionado of Ben Watt’s Lazy Dog vibes, or someone who found solace in the rich discography of EBTG, their transformative journey from jazzy-pop artists to dancefloor staples mirrors the evolutions we all go through. It’s about acknowledging where you come from, embracing change, and always, always looking toward the future.

Until the next time… ENJOY!

Album : The Diva Series: Everything But The Girl
Genre : House, Deep House
Year : 2007
Total Time : 1:19:48

Track : 1
Title : Lullaby Of Clubland (Ben Watt Summer Storm Remix)
Length : 5:50

Track : 2
Title : Wrong (Deep Dish 12” Remix)
Length : 8:53

Track : 3
Title : Temperamental (Ralphi Rosario Remix)
Length : 7:21

Track : 4
Title : Corcovado (Knee Deep Remix)
Length : 5:27

Track : 5
Title : Five Fathoms (Kevin Yost ”Everything & A Groove” Mix)
Length : 5:27

Track : 6
Title : Missing (Chris & James Full On Club Mix)
Length : 8:41

Track : 7
Title : The Future Of The Future (Stay Gold) (Deep Dish Extended Mix)
Length : 6:38

Track : 8
Title : Raise The Roof (Caged Baby Remix) (performed by Tracy Thorn)
Length : 4:43

Track : 9
Title : Missing (CL McFadden Unreleased Powerhouse Mix)
Length : 5:50

Track : 10
Title : Tracey In My Room (Lazy Dog Bootleg Vocal Mix)
Length : 4:56

Track : 11
Title : Driving (Todd Terry Remix)
Length : 5:12

Track : 12
Title : Five Fathoms (Chris Micali Mix)
Length : 5:31

Track : 13
Title : Rollercoaster (King Britt Scuba Mix)
Length : 5:12

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