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Kim English: The Versatile Songstress Who Took Us Beyond the Dance Floor

Kim English 2010 Volume 1: The House Sessions

Kim English is a name that resonates powerfully in the world of dance music, particularly when it comes to soul-stirring anthems that became LGBTQ+ community anthems.

However, what’s often overlooked is her incredibly diverse musical palate that stretches into genres like Soulful House, Gospel House, and even Jazz House. It’s an eclectic body of work that shows her as not just a dance floor diva, but as an artist whose music transcends categories.

Starting with “It Makes A Difference,” remixed by Kyle Smith, you’re greeted with a soulful interpretation that does more than just move your feet; it warms your soul. The intricate vocal delivery and emotional resonance underline that Kim English was not just a one-trick pony but an artist with depth.

“Been So Long” (a remake of the Anita Baker classic) with its Wamdue Remix, takes a step deeper into the soulful territories. It evokes feelings of longing, beautifully encapsulating the emotions that often go hand-in-hand with the dance floor euphoria. Frankie Feliciano’s work on “Time for Love” and “Missing You” go a step further by incorporating elements that make you feel like you’ve stepped into a sophisticated, intimate jazz club.

“Tomorrow” in the Todd Edwards remix, transports us back to a dance atmosphere but in a way that’s markedly different from her larger-than-life anthems. It’s softer, nuanced, yet still danceable, capturing the mood of tomorrow’s promise.

Unspeakable Joy in the Maurice Joshua remix makes us realize that Kim English had the ability to turn her songs into gospel experiences, capable of lifting an entire dance floor into a spiritual awakening. That duality is a testament to her artistry.

Jonny Montana’s take on “Supernatural” dives into Jazz House, which seems apt for a song of that title. It’s the kind of track that might make you feel like you’re in an intimate, smoky jazz bar, transported by Kim’s voice.

And speaking of Jazz, “Love That Jazz” in its Extended Vocal Mix is a delightful foray into the Jazz House sub-genre. With “Higher Things,” the Jazz N’ Groove Prime Time Club Mix creates an uplifting atmosphere that seems designed to elevate our spirits as well as our dance moves.

What’s even more astonishing is how all these different versions come from DJs and producers who are experts in diverse genres—from Maurice Joshua’s soulful grooves to Todd Edwards’ unique garage flair and Frankie Feliciano’s jazz-influenced beats.

In summary, Kim English was not just a diva who gave us anthems for the dance floor but a versatile artist whose music served as a soundtrack for various moods and settings. Whether you were in a jazz lounge, a soulful dinner party, or even a meditative space seeking spiritual upliftment, Kim’s diverse range in music ensured she was right there with you.

So, let’s not just celebrate her for her powerful anthems but also for the rich tapestry of music she offered us—a range that spans from the soulful and gospel to the jazzy and beyond. This collection serves as a testament to an artist who has not just made us dance but has also touched our souls in a myriad of ways.

Until the next time…ENJOY!

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Album : The Diva Series: House Sessions – Kim English
Genre : Soulful House, Gospel House, Jazz House
Year : 2010
Total Time : 1:24:00:00

1. It Makes A Difference (Kyle Smith Soulful Vox Club Mix)

2. Been So Long (Wamdue Remix)

3. Time For Love (Frankie Feliciano Remix)

4. Missing You (Frankie Feliciano Album Version)

5. My Destiny (DJ Exacta Electro Chill Remix)

6. Tomorrow (Todd Edwards Extended Club Version)

7. Unspeakable Joy (Maurice Joshua House Mix)

8. Nitelife (Masters At Work Nite Mix)

9. Supernatural (Jonny Montana Remix)

10. Learn To Luv (83 West Vox)

11. Love That Jazz (Extended Vocal Mix)

12. C’est La Vie (Scott Wozniak Soulful Mix)

13. Everyday (Maurice Joshua Club Mix)

14. Treat Me Right (Maurice Joshua Club Mix)

15. Nothing’s Impossible (Nu Soul Club Mix)

16. Higher Things (Jazz N’ Groove Prime Time Club Mix)

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