This is David Morales Legacy pt. 3, which delves more into the type of house music he's known for. Of course I included Mariah Carey's 'My All' which is epic in every way possible and a remix that I NEVER even knew existed!

As ya'll know, I am a HUGE Kristine W fan and how it escaped me after all of these years that there was a David Morales remix of 'One More Try' is beyond me. I literally have everything she's ever done. How this slipped underneath my radar is beyond me because it was never included on any of the maxi's for the single that I had. As you can imagine, discovering this gem was like having sex for the first time. I wonder what else is out there that I don't know about? The same goes with Sade's 'Shelter', which is sweet soulful sampling of 'I Never Thought'.

Anyway, it turns out there's going to be a fourth installment, which will round out the full Legacy tribute. I kinda just went with the flow and it lead me to the point of justifying the fourth set. That will be released shortly.

That's all I got for now. Hope you house-heads are eating this up. Until later today...ENJOY!

The was an issue with the intro and outro to 'My All' that has been corrected. The file has been updated.
Album : David Morales | Legacy pt. 3
Genre : House Music
Year : 2017
Total Time : 1:38:58
  1. Deborah Cox - Who Do U Love (David Morales Classic Club Mix)

  2. Toni Braxton - You're Makin' Me High (David Morales Classic Club Mix)

  3. M People - One Night In Heaven (David Morales Classic Mix)

  4. David Morales & Roisin Murphy - Golden Era (David Morales Disco Mix)

  5. Sade - Shelter Me (David Morales Remix)

  6. Lenny Fontana feat. D-Train - Raise Your Hands (David Morales NYC Remix)

  7. Lisa Stansfield - 8-3-1 (David Morales Club Mix Long Intro)

  8. Suzanne Palmer - Luv 2 Luv (David Morales Stereo Anthem Mix)

  9. Mariah Carey - My All (David Morales Classic Club Mix)

  10. David Morales with Lea Lorien - How Would You Feel (David Morales Club Mix)

  11. David Morales feat. Tamra Keenan - Here I Am (Morales Club Mix)

  12. Pet Shop Boys - I Don't Know What You Want But I Cant Give It Anymore (The Morales Remix)

  13. Mariah Carey - Honey (Classic Mix)

  14. David Morales pres. The Face feat. Kym Mazelle - Lovin' (Disko Mix)

  15. David Morales pres. The Face feat. Nicki Richards - Don't You Want My Love (Disco Mix)

  16. Kristine W - One More Try (Def Club Mix)

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