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Gwen Stefani | The Diva Series


With her recent stint as guest judge on The Voice, a new single (Baby Don’t Lie) and another with Calvin Harris (Together), I decided Gwen Stefani's induction into the Diva Hall of Fame was long overdue.  After forming in 1986 with two albums and rotating members, No Doubt (with Gwen on lead vocals) came to fame with their third album Tragic Kingdom nine years later.  Propelled by two hit singles “Just a Girl” and “Spiderwebs” it put No Doubt on the map.  It wasn’t until the third single “Don’t Speak” a song about the breakup between Gwen and band member Tony Kanal that the group was propelled into superstardom.  The accompanying tongue in cheek video was beautifully shot and displayed the kind of tensions that only media could dream up; that is the main focus on Gwen with the band members relegated to the background.  To the contrary, Gwen stayed true to her band as this was a long journey to success for all members, not just herself.

By 2004, the band released a greatest hits album and went on hiatus.  During this period, Gwen released two solo albums Love. Angel. Music. Baby and The Sweet Escape that produced multiple top 40 singles and the number one hit Hollaback Girl.

While No Doubt nor Gwen were known for their remixes, there were some official ones released by Interscope Records.  However, it is the bootlegs of their hits that make up the bulk of this set.  With her all-American good looks, winning smile and sunny personality, Gwen induction is not only a given, but well-deserved.  Let’s face it, the gays adore her, I love her and frankly I have the one and only deciding vote LOL.  It’s for all these reasons and more that Party Favorz honors Mrs. Stefani with an official induction into the Diva Hall of Fame.  XO

Album : Gwen Stefani | The Diva Series
Genre : Electro-pop
Year : 2014
Total Time : 01:22:26

1. Rich Girl (Mor Avrahami Extended Remix)

2. Yummy (Chorne Remix)

3. What You Waiting For (Armand Van Helden Mix)

4. Don't Speak (Division 4 Extended Mix) [w/No Doubt]

5. Cool (Richard X Remix)

6. 4 In The Morning (Thin White Duke Mix)

7. Settle Down (JQ Remix) [w/No Doubt]

8. Together (Matt Nevin Extended Mix) [w/Calvin Harris]

9. Hey Baby (Two Vinyls Promo Cut Remix) [w/No Doubt]

10. Crash (Josh Patrick's Formula One Mix)

11. Hollaback Girl (Alex Menco Remix)

12. Baby Don't Lie (Dirty Pop Deconstruction)

13. The Sweet Escape (Alex Becker Remix)

14. It's My Life (Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke Remix) [w/No Doubt]

15. Hella Good (Roger's Release Yourself Mix) [w/No Doubt]

16. Looking Hot (R3Hab Remix) [w/No Doubt]

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