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Get your boogie on with the “Funky House” channel’s non-stop mixes of modern-day Disco House, Nu Disco, and House Music!”

Electronic crosswalk sign that says "Don't Walk, Dance" for the coverart of our latest Funky House mix.

Funky House Music Ahead: Don’t Walk, Dance!

No matter the weather, Party Favorz is set to elevate your mood and add a spark to your weekend with our latest Funky House music mix. “Don’t Walk, Dance!” is one of those sets that’s created in one sitting which packs an extraordinary punch and delivers pure magic right to your ears. We start with …Read More, Stream and Download

Woman in red fur coat, Paco Rabanne tank top and chanel purse for the cover art of Good Life featuring the latest funky hous music for fall.

Fall Funky House Music Mix — Good Life

Party Favorz is back, and we’re not just tiptoeing in, we’re diving headfirst into the freshest Funky House Music that’s electrifying dance floors as we speak! To kick things off, we’re easing you into the groove with Birdee & Dr Packer’s sultry number, “You Know I’m Ready.” But wait, we’re only warming up here. Ah, …Read More, Stream and Download

Sexy Asian girl with hourglass shape in a light blue bikini and thigh high socks on rollerskates on the Boardwalk in front of a coloful eatery for the coverart of Beach House 2023

Crazy Good Funky House Music For Summer

Party Favorz is back, injecting your summer with some crazy good funky house music in our 2023 Beach House Edition. This assortment is brimming with top-tier summer tunes encompassing the rich sounds of NuDisco, Deep House, Soulful House, hard-hitting House Music, and Gospel House which will take you to church and sin on the alter …Read More, Stream and Download

70s inspired woman with large glasses squeezing orange for the cover art of Feel The Groove featuring the latest funky house music

Funky House Music to Kickstart Your Summer

As the temperatures rise, Party Favorz is already diving headfirst into summer with our latest Funky House Music offering, “Feel the Groove”. This set is a grand collection of the hottest House Music, NuDisco, and Deep House tracks presently igniting dance floors worldwide. Consider “Feel the Groove” your early ticket to our upcoming pre-summer music …Read More, Stream and Download

The Freshest Funky House Music of Spring

Drench yourself in the funky house music scene of 2023 with Party Favorz’s latest collection, ‘Steppin’ Out’. This energetic album features a vibrant blend of House and NuDisco tracks that promise to set your weekend in motion. Among the highlights are Mark Lower & Fleur De Mur’s ‘Burn For Love’ and the catchy beat of …Read More, Stream and Download

Woman's face with gold eyeshadow, and gold tipped fingers and a yellow butterfly over her right eye.

Solid Gold Funky House

The beat drops, the crowd roars, and you know you’re in for a ride. Welcome back to another energizing edition of Party Favorz’s Funky House Music sets! If you’re a seasoned listener, you know what you’re in for—high-octane tunes that’ll get your feet tapping and your heart racing. For newcomers, you’re about to discover why …Read More, Stream and Download

Sexy black woman in cheetah print bikini top and hot pants behind a disco ball

Get Your Boogie On with the Latest Funky House!

Party Favorz is back, doubling down this weekend with our irresistible “Keep On Dancing” set, a compilation that caters especially to the Funky House aficionado. This playlist is a haven for those who appreciate sophisticated beats, as it seamlessly integrates elements of NuDisco, House, Soulful, Jackin House, and Deep House. If you’ve got a penchant …Read More, Stream and Download

Woman in cut-off shorts and bikin top on a bike standing on a peer overlooking the ocean

Beach House 2022 — The Biggest House Music Songs of the Summer!

Party Favorz is back with the annual edition of Beach House, which features the biggest house music songs of the summer. You will notice that the latest releases ‘Break My Soul’ by Beyonce and ‘Massive’ by Drake are included. At the moment, these two mega artists are being credited for the resurgence of House Music …Read More, Stream and Download