Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

BPM Edition 2009 Volume 8 | Take 2

It’s a beautiful day in the ATL, albeit a bit chilly.  My heart goes out to all the good folks participating in the AIDS Walk for Aid Atlanta.  Looking at the weather forecast on my desktop, it appears we are going to finally have a fabulous week with plenty of sunshine and more fall-like weather as it warms up into the low 70s later on.  What’s a little bit weird is that the leaves have yet to change.  I think I saw one tree yesterday, but that’s about it.  Usually, around mid-September, you wake up one morning and almost all of the trees change colors overnight.  Right now, they’re a little bit late to the game; so hopefully soon.  What can I say, I’m a sucker for sunshine, blue skies, pleasant temperatures and fall leaves.

As I mentioned yesterday, the second half of this edition is geared towards underground house.  I readily admit this is my favorite kind of house, next to the funkier T-Dance.  Granted, I like it all but great vocals without the annoying voice disguiser, tight beats and roof-raising electro burners is where it’s at!

I start things off a little slow while each song builds on top of the other.  By the time you get halfway through, all bets are off and this just burns a hole right through your brain!  Personal favorites are the 80s styled funker “Jus Chip” by Preetesh and Angela Tharmakumar; “Ring Ring Ring” by Kurd Maverick (wait for the drop in the middle which slows down to a funky jazz groove before picking up again); “Dum Da Dum” by Melodie MC and “Musical Freedom” by Candi Stanton.  Who’s that you say?  Yes, the Candi Staton of “Young Hearts Run Free” fame from 1976.  She’s long been heavily involved in gospel and it’s about time she took those influences and re-used them on the floor for a hair-raising experience.  Welcome back Miss Staton, we look forward to hearing more from you.

We also have an updated electro take of the Run DMC classic “My Adidas” which takes you right into the scorching hot “I Believe” by Supafly Inc.  The Vandalism mix of this song is guaranteed to melt your iPod.  Andrea Love (always a personal favorite) returns with “Kiss Me” and Niko De Luca churns out another booty shaking winner with, what else “Shake.”

Word of warning: This set is not your typical high school dance.  This is serious house music for grown-ups.  Forget about sitting back and relaxing, because folks you’re in for a bumpy if not groovalicious ride!

I also want to let you guys know that Party Favorz is nominated for the 2009 Best Podcast and Entertainment blog from the Blogger’s Choice Awards.  It would be ultra cool if all of you could show your support and vote for this site.  While awards don’t necessarily matter, I work my ass off trying to provide the ultimate experience for music lovers like yourselves, so appreciation is always welcome.  Besides, everybody likes a pat on the back once in a while for a job well done, including me.  Currently, I’m not certain what the rules are and I am not sure if you can vote for me more than once.  I’m waiting for them to get back with me on that.  If you can, I’ll let everyone know how that works once I receive the rules and regulations.  If you want to vote for me, you can got to my site and click on the link on the left-hand side just above the “donate” button or just click here.  Thank you for your support!

I’ve been working off and on, on the gay anthems mixes and have struck a deal with Equality Across America to donate 80% of the proceeds to the cause.  EAA is working towards full equality in every aspect of life for the GLBT community.  This is a cause that’s very dear to me and I believe involves more grassroots efforts to have our voices heard than anything the HRC and their overpaid Joe Solmonese CEO has done.  Because of the current time frame running up to Halloween, it’s most likely I will go ahead and get those mixes out first, so I can spend more time ensuring absolute quality in the song selection and production of the mixes.  You can probably expect an early November release.

That’s about all I have for today.  I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend.  I’ll be back in just over a week or so.  Until then, ENJOY!

Album : BPM Edition v8
Genre : Electro, House, Underground
Year : 2009
Total Time : 1:39:34:00

Track : 1
Title : Funky Dee-Jay (Hernandez vs. DJ Tyo Remix)
Artist : Donati & Amato

Track : 2
Title : Ticket 2 Ride 2009 (Tito Piano Remix)
Artist : Syke N Sugarstarr

Track : 3
Title : Jus Chip (2009 Edit)
Artist : Preetesh feat. Angela Tharmakumar

Track : 4
Title : Let It Go (Club Vocal Mix)
Artist : David Puentez & Hanna Hansen feat. Paula P. Cay

Track : 5
Title : Ring Ring Ring (Extended Mix)
Artist : Kurd Maverick & Rudee

Track : 6
Title : Let There Be (Antoine Dessante Club Mix)
Artist : Antoine Dessante & Inaya Day

Track : 7
Title : Da Hasta (Original Mix)
Artist : Dario Nunez feat. DJ Nano

Track : 8
Title : Dum Da Dum 2009 (Eric S Remix Less Vox)
Artist : Melodie MC

Track : 9
Title : Waiting For U (Baggi Begovic Remix)
Artist : Hardsoul pres. Greg van Bueren

Track : 10
Title : Musical Freedom (K Klassic Club Remix)
Artist : Candi Staton

Track : 11
Title : Special (Bingo Players Remix)
Artist : Sir James

Track : 12
Title : My Adidas (Dirty Original)
Artist : Pilotpriest vs. Run DMC

Track : 13
Title : I Believe (Vandalism Remix)
Artist : Supafly Inc. & DJ Fenix

Track : 14
Title : Kiss Me (Sergio Mauri vs. Raf Marchesini & Karim Razak Remix)
Artist : Andrea Paci feat. Andrea Love

Track : 15
Title : Shake (Brown Sugar Remix)
Artist : Niko De Luka feat. The 80’s Ghetto Collective

Track : 16
Title : Shame (Soul Avengerz Mix)
Artist : The Jinks feat. Michelle Weeks

Track : 17
Title : U Got Me Feeling  (Dave McCullen Remix)
Artist : Silky Smooth

Track : 18
Title : Heartbeat (Vocal Mix)
Artist : David Bernardi feat. Sophia May

Track : 19
Title : Keep On Pushin (Vocal Mix)
Artist : Danny Cannizzaro vs. Lewis & Much  feat. Sandhi Santini

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