Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Support the Podcast and Keep the Party Going!: Your Urgent Support Is Needed

Black and white coverart for We Need Your Support! Support the Podcast to keep the party going!Hey, Party Favorz Fam!

Keith here with some some real talk for you. You know I absolutely love mixing up those electrifying dance anthems that get your weekends started right. However, the truth is, the podcast is hitting a financial wall, and we’ve got to deal with it, together.

Remember that heads-up I gave you in May, saying we’d be cash-strapped by June? Yeah, that deadline is long gone, and the clock keeps ticking. Between unexpected car expenses and some medical bills that are on the horizon, life’s thrown some curveballs my way. But hey, I totally get it; we’ve all got our financial ups and downs, right?

Running this podcast isn’t cheap. I’m talking $200 to $300 per month— for DJ services, podcast hosting (which keeps going up) miscellaneous plugin charges that keeps this website humming and song purchases from DJs who’re trying to make some side cash as well as purchases of music that’s not available on DJ services. Thanks to those of you who pitched in initially, but those contributions have dwindled, and we’re still far from breaking even. What I receive in monthly donations didn’t even cover the cost of July’s “Summer Edition 2023,” which speaks volumes as to my current situation.

But hold on, there’s a silver lining! The podcast has exploded with 10,000 to 11,000 monthly downloads. Yes, we’ve got a global fanbase that touches every continent on the planet outside of Antartica and China and just keeps growing! The downside? More popularity means more expenses. So much so that my so-called “unlimited” hosting plan just ran out of juice and I’m paying even more for bandwidth overages.

I’ve several medical procedures coming up and can no longer afford to be pulling money out of my personal bank account. That being said, after requesting my podcast host downgrade my plan to basic since it was not possible on their website, they agreed to do it and then never followed through. Don’t get me started but it appears we have full service for the next 30 days. However, since I will be swing back and forth to Atlanta, our output may be limited until early to mid October.

So, here’s the real talk: I didn’t start Party Favorz to make money off someone else’s creative genius; I started it to amplify that genius. But let’s be honest, I can’t sustain this venture on my own anymore. That’s why I’m asking you, yes YOU, to consider a monthly donation to keep this party bumpin’. Heck, donate once and be done with it because every little bit helps. Think of it as investing in your weekend wind-downs, your workout vibes, or whatever Party Favorz brings to your life. I can only keep this going if you folks can come through by setting Party Favorz back on the path to breaking even for our monthly expenses.

If we can make it through to the end of the year, I’ll re-evaluate our hosting options and find a sustainable path forward for everyone. Your support doesn’t just mean a lot to me; it means the world. I truly believe we can steer this ship out of the storm, but only if we work together.

Until the next time…ENJOY!

Keith a.k.a. K j A M

P.S. The initial technical glitches in our donation portal that prevented some of you from contributing has now been fixed! Be sure to clear your browser’s cache (history, cookies, etc.) first.

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