Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 16 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 16 years!

MADONNA Madness!

IMG 20160728 112740 1On the eve of posting one of the most MOMENTOUS Madonna birthday celebrations I’ve ever created, I thought now would be a good time to prove to ya’ll my DIVA bonafides.

Am I a raving lunatic that hangs on her or any other of my favorite diva’s every last word? Nope. Do I follow all of them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or whatever the latest social media platform all the kiddies are using? Nope. Have I seen every single concert she’s performed in the US? Nope, but I have been to three of them (Virgin, Blonde Ambition, and Reinvention).

I love Madonna for her creativity (when she’s really, REALLY at the top of her game), for her imagery, and for the illusion and mystique, she has created about herself over the years. Though to be honest, with the explosion of social media and her S.E.X. book well before that ever happened, she was already putting it all out there.

So what is my fascination with this woman? For that matter, I have the same fixation with Grace Jones and Chrissie Hynde but for different reasons. All three have had a significant impact on my life one way or another. They’re smart, they’re fierce and they’re in your face. I love that about them. They’re smart businesswomen who believe it or not, know exactly what they’re doing, feel no shame about who they are and their sexuality, and have been marketing themselves well before every 7th grader was showing their titties to their boyfriend on Snapchat.

I decided to give ya’ll a little peek into my 720 sq. ft. apartment and the art that hangs on my walls showcasing my love and appreciation for these women. I don’t usually make it a habit of opening up my home to the world but I thought this is something ya’ll appreciate.

One thing to keep in mind is that my HTC One M8 camera abilities suck. They always have. Maybe I just got spoiled by my Windows phone that took amazing pictures but cleaning the lens and switching to a better app for pictures didn’t help much. I tried to enhance the pics as best I could in Photoshop, so be kind on the photography end of things (even Photoshop has its limitations when it comes to crappy cameras LOL).





















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