Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Kristine W: Never Maxi Single Review

The cover for the single remixes of "Never" by Kristine W

Kristine W’s latest CD maxi single, “Never,” is a fantastic package that will appeal to all dance music lovers. The album is filled with a variety of club mixes that are sure to get your feet moving. Love To Infinity and 7th Heaven stand out with their excellent remixes. Perry Twins production is also a pleasant surprise as it deviates from their typical big room sound.

DJ Escape & Johnny Vicious remix is not as energetic as some might expect, but it’s still a satisfying remix that leans more towards mainstream electro-funk. The weakest remix is the Ruff & Torte production, which borders on progressive sound and may not work well in a set if you’re not familiar with the song.

The album also includes radio mixes for all but the Ruff & Torte and two additional house turns by Brothers Behind The Light and Nick Harvey, suggesting a second release package in the near future. The absence of a progressive mix by Adam K & Soha or Morgan Page is noticeable, but the album still manages to cover all the bases.

The CD Maxi is available through multiple vendors, and it’s essential to note that availability and pricing vary greatly. You can purchase the physical product for $8.98 and/or digital downloads for $1.99 each at the Kristine W online store. Alternatively, you can buy the full release via download at Masterbeat or Perfect Beat in both formats, which includes additional downloads not available at Masterbeat nor on the CD maxi.

Overall, this is a fantastic package that is sure to deliver another hit for Kristine W. The album demonstrates her dedication to providing top-notch club music and supporting the gay community. By purchasing through legal channels, we can support her efforts to continue providing us with fantastic offerings like “Never.” It’s a must-buy for all dance music enthusiasts.

Album : Never CD Maxi-single
Artist : Kristine W
Genre : Mainstream Club, Electro, Funky
Year : 2008

Track : 1 Title : Never (Love To Infinity Radio Mix)

Track : 2 Title : Never (DJ Escape & Johnny Vicious Radio Mix)

Track : 3 Title : Never (7th Heaven Radio Mix)

Track : 4 Title : Never (DJ Peter Canellis & Kamil Bartoszcze Radio Mix)

Track : 5 Title : Never (Nick Harvey Radio Mix)

Track : 6 Title : Never (Brothers Behind The Light Radio Mix)

Track : 7 Title : Never (Perry Twins Radio Edit)

Track : 8 Title : Never (Ruff & Torte Global Club Mix)

Track : 9 Title : Never (Love To Infinity Never Leave The Club Mix)

Track : 10 Title : Never (DJ Escape & Johnny Vicious Stompin Club Mix)

Track : 11 Title : Never (7th Heaven On The Floor Club Mix)

Track : 12 Title : Never (DJ Peter Canellis & Kamil Bartoszcze Backroom Mix)

Track : 13 Title : Never (Perry Twins Electro-Club Mix)

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