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Donna Summer | Fame (The Game) | Review

donna_summer-fame_the_game_remixes_cd_single-frontalDonna Summer’s third single from her album “Crayons” comes just in time for the holiday club hopping season; and what a bag of goodies it contains! “Fame” is a song about the excesses of becoming immortalized by the public. Certainly it’s full of traps and pitfalls that can lead to a person’s demise if not handled correctly. Ever wondered what it must be like to be Madonna or Bono? Just listen to the song and that’s all you need to know. In 1979, Donna Summer was coming off of a stellar year. Riding high on her “Bad Girls” album release with two number one singles, a number one album and an end of the year duet with Barbra Streisand that also went to number one; the only way to go was down. With a record deal that was about to end and her good friend Neil Bogart wanting to keep her at Casablanca Records, Donna decided she needed to get away from all of the excess and destructive behavior of the late seventies disco scene. In short, it was time to cut the cord and move on.  Ultimately, her move to the newly formed Geffen Records label, proved to be a mistake.  You live, you learn, pack up and move on; after fulfilling her contract, that’s exactly what she did.

So what we get is an amazing rocker turned inside out for the floor. Looking at the package, I can honestly say this is what CD maxi’s should be about. You get the original album version + three outstanding remixes by Ralphi Rosario, Dave Aude and Dan Chase including dub, instrumental and radio. Sony even included the “Ultimix” version, practically unheard of on a release like this.

While the mixes are surprisingly restrained, they all work very well. Ralphi works his magic with his signature big room, big beat style. What’s different is we’re starting to see a new side of him in his productions that was alluded to earlier this year when he teamed up with Jody Den Broeder for Janet’s “Feedback”. It looks like he’s perfected a big room circuit sound with an electro edge that’s quite effective. I fully expect this will be the version that moves many floors through the season. Dave Aude and Dan Chase both take the song in a different direction, employing a more low-key electro workout with a familiar but solid house backdrop. This is not Dave’s usual style of production, but after one listen you’ll get it.  On the other hand, newcomer Dan Chase delivers and equally effective electro house mix, that should garner him some well-deserved attention in 2009.

Through and through, this is one solid remix package and worth the $9.99 I plucked down. I fully expect another number one for Ms. Summer by the end of the year. Don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself; this is some HOT STUFF! -PF

Album : Fame (The Game)
Artist : Donna Summer 
Year : 2008
Total Time : 1:19:55.00

01. Fame (The Game) (Ralphi Rosario Club)

02. Fame (The Game) (Ralphi Rosario Dub)

03. Fame (The Game) (Dave Aude Club)

04. Fame (The Game) (Dave Aude Dub)

05. Fame (The Game) (Dave Aude Dub Instrumental)

06. Fame (The Game) (Dan Chase Full Vocal)

07. Fame (The Game) (Dan Chase Dub)

08. Fame (The Game) (Dan Chase Instrumental)

09. Fame (The Game) (Extended Ultimix Album Version)

10. Fame (The Game) (Ralphi Radio)

11. Fame (The Game) (Dan Chase Radio)

12. Fame (The Game) (Dave Aude Radio)

13. Fame (The Game) (Album Version)

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