Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Coming Soon! | Party Favorz Releases Our Fall Lineup

I had been promising to take some time off from Party Favorz since May and it just never happened. I decided to just go ahead and take that time instead of announcing it. Otherwise, I would renege on the promise I made to myself.

We moved into our current place in 2017 and never put up our artwork and had to throw away a really expensive area rug. The furniture was in tatters all because of our precious Katherine — a feral cat that adopted us in Atlanta back in 2003. She was pushing 20 years old and even though we placed pee pads all over the place — she frequently missed. That and her jumping up on furniture (most of it leather) completely destroyed well, everything.

Not intentionally, but her claws dug in every time she jumped up on furniture. We’ve been slowly replacing furniture and hanging artwork. I was supposed to finish it off and have to repaint our patio furniture and a really nice floating ledge for one of our walls after they were damaged by a caved in ceiling in the garage our first year here. I have all the supplies but alas — my focus was still on the podcast.

Unlike previous ultimate collections (Eurodance, 80’s Dance, and Trash Disco) — I took a different approach for the upcoming Ultimate 90’s House Classics series. I slowly compiled, tagged and have prepared each one in advance so as not to skip or miss any important tracks from this decade. What I realized is that several familiar but obscure 80’s and Eurodance tracks got overlooked and didn’t want to make that same mistake again.

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It’s a time-consuming process and well worth the effort. I also compiled two new Diva Hall of Fame re-entries and am currently finishing up compiling The Ultimate Dance Collection Madonna Diva Series. This way, when I sit down and start the mixing process everything is already in place. It’s a worthy endeavor and I think y’all are gonna be pleased with the end results.

First things first — I’ll start working on the next Dance Club set for release this next week and the annual Fall Edition 2020 is currently unconfirmed but I’m pretty certain I can pull it off.

As you can see — I’ve got the rest of the year mapped out. Expect the gears to start grinding out this next week. Until then…ENJOY!

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