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FALL EDITION 2022 | The Biggest Circuit Anthems of the Season!

The ATL has finally started to cool down while Party Favorz keeps heating up with our annual Fall Edition! I decided not to make everyone wait another week for this drop because I was able to get a couple of major things out of the way earlier in the week. A lot is going on …Read More, Stream and Download

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Fall Edition 2021 — Cool Down with the Season’s Hottest Circuit Anthems

Every once in a while, a set just comes together without effort and is so flawless that it makes you just want to scream HALLELUJAH! The Fall Edition 2021 is one such example. It appears that many top circuit DJs have been switching up their remixes and moving towards a more progressive big room sound, …Read More, Stream and Download

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Fall Edition 2020 | Cool Down With Fall’s Biggest Circuit Anthems

After several fits and stops, Party Favorz is finally dropping the annual Fall Edition featuring the season’s biggest circuit, tribal anthems, and is this one HUGE! It took a while to wrap my head around some of these tracks to get them to flow the way I envisioned but after trial and error then walking …Read More, Stream and Download

Fall Edition 2019

While the Summer Edition 2019 is still burning red hot, Party Favorz isn’t wasting any time bringing you a new set of of the biggest circuit house music that perfectly sets you up for the season with the Fall Edition 2019. Anyone that’s followed Party Favorz for a while knows this is the time I …Read More, Stream and Download