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Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 16 years!

Maroon 5 The Dance Legacy Series

Maroon 5If ya’ll haven’t noticed the trend — I like to post sets in pairs that have some sort of relationship with each other.

In this case, it’s the awesome pop-rock band Maroon 5 to the previous OneRepublic. Much like the latter, Maroon 5 consists of band members lead vocalist Adam Levine, keyboardist and rhythm guitarist Jesse Carmichael, bassist Mickey Madden, lead guitarist James Valentine, drummer Matt Flynn, keyboardist PJ Morton, and multi-instrumentalist Sam Farrar. Original members Levine, Carmichael, Madden, and drummer Ryan Dusick [source wikipedia].

In 2002, the group came out strong with the rock track “Harder To Breathe” but then moved quickly into my soft-rock MOR tracks like “This Love” and “She Will Be Loved” making it difficult to pigeonhole their sound.

Regardless, they proved to be adept at creating radio-friendly tracks that garnered a lot of attention. Their next album saw the release of “Makes Me Wonder” which shot to #1 on the pop charts but subsequent singles failed to chart well.

By the time their third album came out, the first two singles did not do so well either but it was the third single “Moves Like Jagger” that was remixed to include Christina Aguilera (a partner judge on the juggernaut “The Voice” talent show.) that caused the song to blow up at radio and went on to be the biggest song of the year.

By this point, Maroon 5 had finely tuned their pop craft and invited major Hip Hop artists to collaborate on subsequent singles with an eye toward the current culture while retaining their pop sensibilities.

One of the bigger contributions Maroon 5 has made is to the dance music community. So many of their songs translate so well to the dance floor — it was inevitable they’d be sampled, bootlegged in addition to the official remixes of their biggest hits. With this massive crossover appeal, and the eye-candy lead singer whose presence on a widely popular talent show Maroon 5 has managed to solidify their rightful place in popular music as well as dance floors across the globe.

Yes, Party Favorz unabashedly used the sexy pic from a photoshoot that Adam did for charity but honestly — Maroon 5 isn’t just their frontman. It’s all about the group and their enormous talent as musicians and masters of pop-rock music. Adam is just a bonus. If you’ve got it — use it to your advantage.

It’s for all these reasons and more that Party Favorz honors Maroon 5 by acknowledging their contributions to dance music with our prestigious Legacy series. Enjoy!

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Album: Maroon 5 – The Dance Legacy Series
Genre: EDM, House Music
Year: 2019
Total Time: 01:41:24

1. Harder To Breathe (DJ Stjmz Remix)

2. Payphone (Cutmore Dirty Extended Mix) [feat. Wiz Khalifa]

3. Love Somebody (Steve Smart & WestFunk Remix)

4. Sugar (Steve Smart Extended Mix) [feat. Nicki Minaj]

5. If I Never See Your Face Again (Paul Oakenfold Remix) [feat. Rihanna]

6. One More Night (Cosmic Dawn Club Mix)

7. Wait (Chromeo Remix)

8. She Will Be Loved (White Label Mix)

9. This Love (Club Junkies Mix)

10. Cold (eSQUIRE Classic House Remix) [feat. Future]

11. Animals (Cosmic Dawn Club Mix)

12. What Lovers Do (Pink Panda Remix) [feat. SZA]

13. Girls Like You (Charlie Lane Remix) [feat. Cardi B]

14. Misery (Cutmore Got Da Funk Mix)

15. Give A Little More (Roger Sanchez Extended Mix)

16. This Summer’s Gonna Hurt (Alesso Dirty Extended Club Mix)

17. Don’t Wanna Know (Barry Harris Mix) [feat. Kendrick Lamar]

18. Not Falling Apart (Tiesto Extended Remix)

19. Daylight (Joe Maz Club Mix)

20. Moves Like Jagger (House Elektro Club Remix) [feat. Christina Aguilera]

21. Makes Me Wonder (DJ Strobe Extended Remix)

22. Maps (Cutmore Club Mix)

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