Nadia Ali | The Diva Series

The Diva Series Nadia Ali1In 2001, Nadia Ali was the frontwoman and principal songwriter for the duo Iio (pronounced “eye-oh”), took the world by storm with their international smash Rapture.  They released a series of singles culminating in the release of a full album titled Poetica, in 2005.  That same year, Nadia left the group to pursue a solo career.

Nadia is notable for her distinct vocals with a middle-eastern tinge despite growing up in Brooklyn.  Her first album saw four singles released with the second Love Story  topping the Billboard  Hot Dance Club Play chart.

Since that time, Nadia has collaborated with some of the biggest DJs in the world and has virtually ensured her position as the Queen of Electronica.

While some of the company she’ll be holding ground with may take an exception to the title of “Queen of Anything,” (watch your back with Miss Ross), there is no denying her status as the Diva of Electronica.

Party Favorz would like to honor Miss Ali by inducting her into the Diva Hall of Fame.  Nadia is currently working on a second album titled Phoenix and in all likelihood be inducted again at a future date.

Attention, if you have no clue who she is, download this puppy, hit play and turn it LOUD!  I promise, you’ll quickly become a convert.  ENJOY!

Album : Nadia Ali | The Diva Series
Genre : EDM, Trance, Progressive
Year : 2014
Total Time : 1:30:14.00

1. Iio – Rapture (Tastes So Sweet) (Original Mix)

2. Iio – At The End (Scumfrog Remix)

3. Armin Van Buuren feat. Nadia Ali – Feels So Good (Armin Van Buuren Club Mix)

4. Nadia Ali – Fantasy (Morgan Page Remix)

5. Spencer & Hill & Nadia Ali – Believe It (Cazzette’s Androids Sound Hot Remix)

6. Sultan & Ned Shepard feat. Nadia Ali – Call My Name (Dave Aude Remix)

7. Arty, Nadia Ali & BT – Must Be The Love (Original Mix)

8. Iio – Is It Love (Extended Club Mix)

9. Nadia Ali – Love Story (Andy Moor’s Vocal Mix)

10. Alex Kenji & Starkillers feat. Nadia Ali – Pressure (Alesso Remix)

11. Iio – Runaway (Ford Breaks Remix)

12. Iio – Kiss You (Bailey Club2)

13. Morgan Page & Nadia Ali – Carry Me (Nilson & The 8th Note Remix)

14. Iio – Smooth (Bailey’s Cream Mix)

15. Nadia Ali – Rapture (Avicii New Generation Extended Mix)

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