Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

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Many of you may have noticed that I had been MIA since Thursday last week, while yet others may have noticed but didn’t make a big deal of it, as this wasn’t the first time I have disappeared without sounding the alarms. Either way, there was no need to be concerned but frankly, in the future, you probably should be.

I had Hector this Uber driver hanging in there with me until I could get to the front as I crawled my way across the floor only to be stopped and talked down by police; then promptly placed back in my room with restraints. Sadly, Hector heard the whole thing and I owe him big time. I’ll reach out to him later this week when I have more money.

In one week, the Doctor’s and the fabulous 23-year-old Mattie (yes, he was hot) not only pieced Dumpty back together again but cured two attitudinal percolating infections I was unaware of and managed to set me on a path that will now allow me to maintain my normal, human self; albeit with a bite. I’ve also managed to drop my 2-pack a day habit with little to no effort.

I am now being handed off to another primary care doctor who I hope with prove to be in equally good hands.
I am disabled, so they are recommending a two-month all-intense physical training. You know, that kind that should have been utilized before this hot mess of shit happened to me in 1994 but Doctors couldn’t see past their homophobia even with their high heels on. I’m not here to pass judgment on all physicians, nurses, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners but when it smells like a duck, walks like a duck, and waddles like a duck; the odds are it’s a duck.

I’m back home and am doing much better; in fact, can honestly say better than ever. I look good and feel good and plan on capitalizing on that to take it to the next level.

I did notice some Japanese appropriated my site as their own but I quickly shut that shit down. I own Party Favorz lock, stock, and barrel. I allow a lot of people to get away with shit using my name but this new sheriff ain’t gonna sit back take it anymore.

Then, my entire computer wasn’t working which took a couple of hours of troubleshooting to resolve. Just in case, I filled my amazon basket with my latest “wants” for a 5-year build but haven’t hit the button just yet. It’s all going on their store card and I will be able to swing it with no interest over the year.

I had a slew of DIVA series I have been working on (Beyonce vs. Adele) Rihanna and the final OFFICIAL induction into the Diva Hall of Fame for Miss Inaya Day. The good news is that Miss Day is finished and just needs a corset tightening. I want those boobs and butt sticking out and every note perfectly hit (though she can do that in sweats and a t-shirt on any given day).
In short, this one is made for the boys; her largest devoted subjects. Once you hear it; you’ll know why.
I want to give a massive shout out to these individuals for their kind donations to help keep this site running: Fred B.$20.00; Gary K. $25.00; Ludovic D’URSO $10.00; Glenn A. $10; GARY B. $10.00; LUIS B. $50.00 and MICHAEL M. #10.00. WHEW! Maybe I should disappear more often LOL.

I’ve also settled on Flywheel out of Texas as my hosting provider. Music will still be hosted on Blubrry every month and Flywheel will take care of the site, connectivity, speed & security. These young hip millennials have a solid reputation but they are on the pricey tip. They offer managed hosting so they will control virtually every aspect of this site except things like Donations oand ther personal user information (all of it) that has nothing to do with them doing their job. I’m pretty stoked. I looked at them last year and wanted to make that leap but I couldn’t afford the price tag with all the membership programs, software, etc. I was hemorrhaging money.

At $75 a month for a year in advance; I decided to make the request now to ensure we reach that goal. I’ve added a thermometer now and I’ll start tallying at the $135 I just posted. Once we reach our goal, I’ll hit the switch and cancel the marathon donation since all over (major costs of the site have been borne out).

I will then start it again for $325 to pay for the registration of this site’s name that makes it famous. I purposely keep these two separated because the hosting IS by far the most important goal of the two.

That’s all the love I have for this gorgeous Sunday. Tomorrow, I start back on my condo hunt, and we need to find a place that’s conducive to my special needs.

As for Inaya, she’s going up tomorrow but first, all strict standards and testing must be completed prior to release.

Until then ENJOY!

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