Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Best Disco Songs Remixed & Reimagined — Thank God It’s Disco Volume 1

 Party Favorz is back on track, swaying to the rhythm of some of the best disco songs with a midweek dollop of nostalgia. Thank God It’s Disco (T.G.I.D), a new term popularized by DJ Barry Harris, is now being amplified with his meticulous edits of oft-ignored disco tracks from the 70s and 80s. His historical work includes refreshing classic hits, primarily for Pride events. But his recent endeavors dive deeper into his record collection, rediscovering gems in Soul, Funk, and Disco. These have been re-imagined for modern audiences, transforming them into DJ-friendly tracks and rejuvenating them for contemporary dance floors.

While enhancing the existing Ultimate Trash Disco series wasn’t initially my plan, I was swayed by the irresistible charm of Barry’s edits. Their melody and rhythm resonated with my musical sensibilities. Consequently, I found it worthwhile to assemble these tracks for our dedicated fanbase. Barry has been delivering these edits at a relentless pace, and while he’s currently touring Australia, it’s given me the time to curate this extensive set. However, his future plans remain a mystery until his next release.

The track “Body Work” by Hot Streak left me intrigued. This early 80s track was new to my ears, but its infectious beat has me hooked. The remaining songs brought back memories of my childhood, obsessively tuning into AM radio and tracking the latest hits’ chart movements. My fascination with music was so intense that by sixth grade, I was saving money from lawn mowing jobs to purchase the latest 45s. My passion for music remains undiminished, and I believe I share this sentiment with many others who cherish these melodic memories.

Despite the inclusion of some of Barry’s past remixes in this collection, be prepared for some overlap with the most popular tunes. However, rest assured, this is some exceptionally groovy stuff.

I’m also knee-deep into the Essential 80s Dance series project. Hopefully, volume 5 will be ready for you this weekend.

Until then…ENJOY!

Album: Thank God It’s Disco vol. 1
Artists: Various
Genre: Disco
Length: 03:46:59

1. Bill Withers – Lovely Day (T.G.I.D. & Barry Harris Club Mix)

2. Toto – Africa (T.G.I.D. & Barry Harris Club Mix)

3. Taana Gardner – Heartbeat (T.G.I.D. & Barry Harris Club Mix)

4. Shirley & Co. – Shame, Shame, Shame (T.G.I.D. & Barry Harris Club Mix)

5. The Brothers Johnson – I’ll Be Good To You (T.G.I.D. & Barry Harris Club Mix)

6. Earth, Wind & Fire – Shining Star (T.G.I.D. & Barry Harris Club Mix)

7. The Brothers Johnson vs. Parliament – Tear The Roof Outta Ma Face (T.G.I.D. & Barry Harris Club Mix)

8. Zapp – It Doesn’t Really Matter (Soulboss Disco Bootleg)

9. Eruption – I Can’t Stand The Rain (Barry Harris Club Mix)

10. Earth, Wind & Fire – Sing A Song (T.G.I.D. & Barry Harris Club Mix)

11. The Emotions – Best Of My Love (T.G.I.D. & Barry Harris Club Mix)

12. Hot Streak – Body Work (T.G.I.D. & Barry Harris Club Mix)

13. The Trammps – Where The Happy People Go (T.G.I.D. & Barry Harris Club Mix)

14. Rufus feat. Chaka Khan – Once U Get Started (T.G.I.D. & Barry Harris Club Mix)

15. Sister Sledge – We Are Family (Barry Harris 2018 House Mix)

16. Don Ray – Got To Have Loving (Barry Harris 2018 Mix)

17. Cerrone – Supernature (Barry Harris 2018 Monster Mix)

18. Dan Hartman & Loleatta Holloway – Relight My Fire (Barry Harris 2018 Remix)

19. Roxy Music – Love Is The Drug (Barry Harris 2018 Club Enhanced Mix)

20. Chic – Le Freak (Barry Harris 2018 Remix)

21. Company B – Fascinated (Barry Harris 2k15 Club Mix)

22. The Weather Girls – It’s Raining Men (Barry Harris Refresh 2018 Mix)

23. Diana Ross – I’m Coming Out (Barry Harris 2018 Remix)

24. The Emotions – Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love (Barry Harris 2019 Mix)

25. The Undisputed Truth – You + Me = Love (T.G.I.D. & Barry Harris Club Mix)

26. John Paul Young – Love Is In The Air (Barry Harris 2018 Refresh Mix)

27. Irene Cara – Flashdance…What A Feeling (Barry Harris Mixshow Remix)

28. Gwen Guthrie – Ain’t Nothin’ Goin’ On But The Rent (T.G.I.D. & Barry Harris Club mix)

29. T.S.O.P. feat. The Three Degrees – T.S.O.P. (T.G.I.D. & Barry Harris Club Mix)

30. Rose Royce – Do Your Dance (T.G.I.D. & Barry Harris Club Mix)

31. L.T.D. – (Every Time I Turn Around) Back In Love Again (T.G.I.D. & Barry Harris Club Mix)

32. Fern Kinney – Groove Me (T.G.I.D. & Barry Harris Club Mix)

33. Stargard – Which Way Is Up (T.G.I.D. & Barry Harris Club Mix)

34. Rufus feat. Chaka Khan – Tell Me Something Good (T.G.I.D. & Barry Harris Club Mix)

35. Betty Wright – Clean Up Woman (T.G.I.D. & Barry Harris Club Mix)

36. Bionic Boogie – Hot Butterfly (T.G.I.D. & Barry Harris Club Mix)

37. Al Green – Let’s Stay Together (T.G.I.D. & Barry Harris Club Mix)

38. Grace Jones – La Vie En Rose (Barry Harris 2019 Club Refresh)

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