Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

BPM Edition 2009 Volume 10 | Take 2

I bet you guys think I went off and forgot about you.  Well, I didn’t.  Things have just been a little hectic around here.  Rick finally had his biopsy on Tuesday and we were expecting results on Friday.  We did get a little glimmer of hope when they drew his blood and results showed him at 3.1 for his creatinine levels, well below the 4.0 the doctor wanted him at.  As Friday crept up on us, the doctor didn’t call and Rick pretty much had a meltdown at work.  Though I’m not going to count our chickens before they’re hatched, I’m pretty confident that he will finally be off dialysis before Christmas.  Understanding how health care in America works, they’ve been milking his insurance for all that it’s worth.  Private insurance pays out more than Medicare, and to have a patient like him is like hitting the lottery.  I had Rick start getting his blood drawn elsewhere to prove my point and those results were consistently much lower than what his doctor was reporting.  Nevertheless, I fully expect the good doctor to show up on Wednesday bearing a Santa hat and give him the good news.  If that happens, I think he and I will count our blessings that this nightmare of uncertainty has finally ended.

As you can see, this past week has been all about my man and spending more time with him, while ensuring him everything is going to be alright.  During that time, I was able to get the majority of my work done at night, while he was asleep.  Rest assured, the Holiday Editions are finished and I’ll be previewing them shortly on one of my much-treasured trips around the city on this beautiful sunny day (albeit chilly).  I’ll be posting a mix each day Monday through Wednesday to ensure I meet my deadline.  After that, I’ll be taking a much-needed break and begin focusing on my own efforts.

I hope everyone has gotten all of their holiday shopping done and are simply gearing up for the upcoming festivities that will allow you to sit back and relax while taking stock of your life and the treasures that surround you.  Whether they’re obvious to you or not, trust me, they do exist; you just need to look a little harder and you’ll be surprised what you uncover.  I’ll be back tomorrow with the first of three smoking hot Holiday sets.

Until then, ENJOY!

Album : BPM Edition v10
Genre : Electro, House, Progressive
Year : 2009
Total Time : 1:09:55:00

Track : 1
Title : Revolver (David Guetta Extended Mix)
Artist : Madonna

Track : 2
Title : Video Phone (Doman & Gooding Vocal Mix)
Artist : Beyonce feat. Lady Gaga

Track : 3
Title : Riverside (Let’s Go) (Warren Clarke Remix)
Artist : Sidney Samson feat. Wizard Sleeve

Track : 4
Title : Take Me Away (2009) (Out Of Office Remix)
Artist : Haji & Emanuel feat. Erire

Track : 5
Title : Just Because (Thomas Gold Original Mix)
Artist : Thomas Gold feat. Amanda Wilson

Track : 6
Title : Fade Like The Sun (Digital Dog Remix)
Artist : Stunt

Track : 7
Title : Think You Want It (Original Mix)
Artist : Colette

Track : 8
Title : Zipper (Stonebridge Mix)
Artist : Pilotpriest

Track : 9
Title : Dirty Shake (Peter Brown Vocal Mix)
Artist : Chris Montana feat. Soraya Vivian

Track : 10
Title : Deep Inside (Original Mix)
Artist : David Penn & Rober Gaez feat. Sheilah Cuffy

Track : 11
Title : Back To The Rhythm (Mode CK Mix)
Artist : Chris Kaeser feat. Max’C

Track : 12
Title : Get On Down (Sir Colin Remix)
Artist : Guernica

Track : 13
Title : Free Up (Vocal Mix)
Artist : St. Connection feat. Sam Wood

Track : 14
Title : La La La (The Str8jackets Asylum Rub)
Artist : Leggz feat. Stephanie

Track : 15
Title : Wonder (Original Mix)
Artist : The Black Project

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