Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

BPM Edition 2010 Volume 2 | Take 2

Before I get into this current set, I thought I would discuss some issues about the Fan Page that have been brought to my attention. Several of you have indicated that you couldn’t access it via Facebook. The only thing I can think of is that my privacy settings were locked down. I’ve since lifted the restrictions and hopefully, that will no longer be an issue. You can always click on the “info” tab in my profile which has a link to the Fan Page, or you can access it via my site, where I have a badge in the right-hand column. For those that haven’t signed up for the Fan Page, whatcha waitin’ for? Whenever I post to my site, it will automatically be updated on my Fan Page and Twitter + I also send out an email to ensure receipt.

I have also added several tabs on my site that I think will answer a lot of your questions. There is a “premium” tab which details how the site works, there is an “iTunes” tab with very specific instructions (including pictures) on how to download my podcasts via the service. That’s important for subscribers to the premium service. Since there are two feeds on my site; one for the “free” podcasts and the other for “premium” you will need to add both in iTunes to ensure you get everything.

I also added an FAQ section which has everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. It answers virtually all questions about my site, including downloading, subscribing, RSS updates, email updates, how premium works including passwords and problems new users may encounter getting it to work. It’s all there. For those that prefer not to read, that’s fine, I’ll be more than happy to answer your question via email. Just remember, I can’t be a slave to my computer so my response may not be as forthcoming as you might like, but I WILL get back to you. Odds are, your question has already been answered in the FAQ section, so give it a try first.

Since I’ve expended much of my capital on information about the site, I’ll just let this mix speak for itself. It’s much in the same vein of the previous set with some seriously smoking tunes all wrapped up in a neat little package that falls just under 80 minutes for the CD burners amongst you.

It’s yet another fabulous day in the ATL and I am so looking forward to getting out and enjoying it. I’ll try to make it back tomorrow for the final set (which is on the house) before taking a week off to work on some other projects, including the finalization of the Millennium series that I plan on rolling out in two weeks. I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and as always, ENJOY!

Album : BPM Edition 2010 v2
Genre : Electro, House, Progressive
Year : 2010
Total Time : 1:17:44:00

Track : 1
Title : History (Jump Smokers Extended)
Artist : Vassy

Track : 2
Title : Gotta Get Through 2010 (Smax & Gold Mix)
Artist : Emanuel & McCall vs. Katherine Ellis

Track : 3
Title : Upside Down (Cahill Club Mix)
Artist : Paloma Faith

Track : 4
Title : Giddy On Up (Lenny B Extended Mix)
Artist : Laura Bell Bundy

Track : 5
Title : Call Me (7th Heaven Club Mix)
Artist : Spagna

Track : 6
Title : I Am (Dave Aude Club Mix)
Artist : Mary J Blige

Track : 7
Title : Missing You (Original Club Mix)
Artist : Steve Smart vs. Sundance feat. Amanda Wilson

Track : 8
Title : Shoe Gazer Disco (Linus Loves Vox)
Artist : Morel

Track : 9
Title : Feel So Right (Delano Miami Mix)
Artist : Delano

Track : 10
Title : Dust In Gravity (Sultan & Ned Shepard Remix)
Artist : Delerium feat. Kreesha Turner

Track : 11
Title : Disco Belle (Vocal Mix)
Artist : Paul Keeley feat. Natalie Peris

Track : 12
Title : Took The Night (Grum Vocal Mix)
Artist : Chelley

Track : 13
Title : In The Air (GRUM Remix)
Artist : TV Rock

Track : 14
Title : I Wanna (Extended)
Artist : Bob Sinclar & Sahara feat. Shaggy

Track : 15
Title : Blah Blah Blah (Redlight Remix)
Artist : Ke$ha feat. 3OH!3

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