Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!


Okay folks, I just finished the final mixdown on not one but two sets scheduled to drop on Friday and Saturday. If you didn’t grab the Diva Series featuring the fantastic Crystal Waters that I posted on my Facebook page in the midst of the Great 2016 Party Favorz Hot Mess; that set will be going up Wednesday or Thursday after I complete a full write-up on her fabulosity.

After that, there will be new sets going up week over the week including Jingle Electric, Holiday Edition and the Year in Dance that culminates with the explosive Blow Your Own Horn set at the end of the year. For the unindoctrinated, it is a 2+ hours balls to the wall party set that helps brings in the new year.

Speaking of Facebook and ‘dance’…The new Facebook page has changed from @partyfavorzATL to got @gotpartyfavorz, the same as my Twitter account. Also, the EDM category has been changed to DANCE. Make sure you update your bookmarks.

I am currently creating category based feeds, for those of you that enjoy the automatic organization of the genres on your devices through iTunes and Google Play. The iTunes and Google Play subscribe option will be down until those services approve the submitted feeds.

I want to give a BIG XOXO to Glen for pointing out the problem and for his $20 donation (he’s a regular and already know the email address). 

Finally, I am looking at a $600 deficit for November, which will roll over into December and possibly January if I don’t get some quick relief. Party Favorz does not run itself and definitely isn’t free to maintain. I have ongoing as well as annual costs to maintain this site. November is definitely an anomaly but needs to be fixed as quickly as possible. Here’s the breakdown:

$300+ in refunds to subscribers within the last two months because of login issues (Credit Card refunds were already issued last week and should be appearing in your accounts by the end of this week according to Stripe. Pay Pal refunds went through last week)

$100 for plugins to switch from Membership to Donation

$100+ for storage, streaming, and downloads (this has already hit my ceiling and the month isn’t over yet; yup, traffic has increased exponentially)

$100 for new Wildcard SSL certificate to cover remaining security issues (this is a must and is the final issue to get resolved)

$50 in new music included in two new sets going up by the end of the weekend

$$ My time and efforts to bring all of this to you in one big happy bundle… PRICELESS

As you can see, this is a lot for me to take on unexpectedly. Collectively, I know you folks can help pitch in to make this all work. If you were already an annual subscriber, there is no need to donate again; you’ve done more than enough. Let’s get everyone else involved.


Keith a.k.a. K j A M

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