Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!


When I was a kid, my parents didn’t have a lot of money. Our vacations usually consisted of road trips to Houston to visit our cousins and go to Astroworld (now Six Flags), or to the beach for a few days. These road trips always took place during the day, when my sister, brother, and I could play the “Love Bug Game.” You know, that’s where you count how many Volkswagen Beetles you could find on the road, or even those dilapidated, sitting out in some field or junkyard. Our Christmas trips to Momo and Boonpa’s house in Corpus Christi were pretty much the same, but we were always driving at night. Dad was a manager at “Wally’s Shoe Store” and would work until 6 pm before coming home and piling us kids into the Plymouth to make the three-hour trip.

It was those trips during the cold night that were different from the rest. After a long day at work, Dad didn’t want a bunch of misbehaving kids in the back of his car for a three-hour drive. To counter that, he would have us all play “The Quiet Game.” Whoever could be the quietest during the whole trip would win a nickel. Now, when you put my sister between my brother and me, that wasn’t going to happen. She would pinch, tickle, and kick to get us to squeal. Thinking about the candy I could buy with a nickel, I wanted to win, but keeping my mouth shut for any length of time was just not humanly possible. Ten minutes into the drive, I would be asking, “Are we there yet?” This has pretty much been my mantra for 2009. How much longer until I get there, wherever “there” is?

Several of you that I communicate with privately have told me you lost your job this year. Others I follow on Facebook may have lost a parent, a friend, or are just uncertain and unhappy with your current circumstances. Whatever the reason that made 2009 such a miserable year, let’s all make a pact. Starting the day after Christmas, decide what it is you want to achieve in 2010. Make a plan, write it down, and put it on your desk or fridge, somewhere visible that will serve as a reminder. We still have a week to go before the New Year, and what better time than these last few days to plan ahead?

In a recent post, I suggested that Rick’s doctor would show up in a Santa hat and tell him he’s through with dialysis. That didn’t quite happen, though we received some more good news. On Monday, he was taken off dialysis for the week after they drew a blood sample. The doctor did call yesterday with those results and said everything was still normal. So, this next Monday, they will draw another sample and, if things remain the same, he’s off for good with a bi-monthly follow-up. Considering he hasn’t taken a full bath in over six months because of the possibility of infecting his catheter (which has already happened once), this is really great news. I’m already picturing the Herbal Essence commercial where the girl in the shower starts having an orgasm as she washes her hair. I’m guessing that having hot sudsy water pouring over your body after having sponge-bathed for six months might feel pretty damn good. If anything, I miss his horrible singing in the shower, which will be a welcome return to normalcy once that happens, LOL.

So, starting on the 1st of January 2010, it’s going to be all about ME. ME! ME! ME! I know that’s very Marsha Brady of me, and we still have a couple more things to go with Rick, but we’re getting “there;” as will you. I wish the best possible year for every one of you. Just remember, if you say you “can’t,” then you “won’t.” If you say you “can,” then you most certainly “will.” Make it happen, folks! If you do, then you won’t be asking yourself “Are we there yet?” because you’ll already know that you’re on your way.

From Rick, Keith, and Katherine, we wish you and yours a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a rockin’ NEW YEAR!

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