Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Party Favorz Perspectives

Since moving Party Favorz to new hosting in May, I now have total control over every aspect of the site.  On the one hand, it has been a learning experience but a total pain in the ass.  On the other, it allows me to gauge how popular my site actually is and who is engaging with it.   For instance, during the transitional period in May, I only had 285 downloads due to all the migration headaches and confusion but in June, that jumped up to 3,349.  July hasn’t even closed yet and we’re already at 4,166 for this month alone.  Mind you, these are not visits to my site but actual set downloads via the site, iTunes, the RSS feed or Facebook.  These numbers ONLY reflect current downloads in my new home at Libsyn, so nothing from past years.

When I dig in to the numbers a littler deeper, I see that the United States accounts for 47.98% of my downloads with the UK coming in second at 13.63%,  The usual countries round out the rest (i.e. Australia, Germany, Mexico, France, Canada, Taiwan, Thailand, Brazil, etc.) I was shocked to find Saudi Arabia, Iran and North Korea on the list but hey, even those folks know good music when they hear it LOL.

When I zoom in even closer on the United states, I can see that Florida REALLY loves me as they lead the pack in visits and downloads.  I’m not sure what they’re drinking over there but I’m digging it.  California (heavy in the San Francisco area) and New York take the second and third place finish.

Based on the amount of followers I have on Facebook or any other social media, you’d think nobody engages with the site but clearly that’s just not the case.  With the exception of some hardcore followers that have been with me since the beginning, I’m not really feeling much love from you folks with little to no recognition for my efforts.  Heck, not even a thank you or WOW this is a great mix much-less a nice rating on iTunes, where I know half of you are getting the mixes.  I know a lot of other sites and/or DJs feel exactly the same way when folks just take but don’t take the time for even a small bit of appreciation.  (Note to self: go back and heap praise on Bit Error for his awesome Madonna/Rhianna mix of Vogue).  Not really here to admonish, just wanted to present an observation so I’ll digress.

There is some great news for the Serve Chilled set I just put out and are you ready for this?  It topped Beach House 2K14 pt. 2, The 2014 Catch-up, Summer Hot Mess 2K14 pt. 2  and the Summer Edition 2K14 pt. 2 in most downloads.  All I can say is it’s here to stay.  Expect me to change the genre over to “Mixtape” rather than “Chill” like it is now.  That will give me more latitude to play with the series and showcase just great music and/or what ever I’m feelin’ at the moment.  I’m working on getting the new category listed in iTunes.

I’ve now got Party Favorz in more places than ever before.  If you don’t care about the downloads and just want to easily stream the sets on your mobile devices, the web version of this site is sleek and easy to use or you can install the apps for  Beatport, House-Mixes, Mixcrate, and Grooveshark.  Of course you still have iTunes, Tumblr, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and I just fully updated the Google Newsstand (formerly Google Currents) app as well.  If you’re reading this on Facebook or Google+ just go to the site and click on the icon under “Me, Everywhere Else” to subscribe to an alternate service.

That’s all the news for now.  I’ll be back about a week before Madonna’s birthday with some updated Vintage sets.  Until then …ENJOY!

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