Back 2 the 80s

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Back 2 the 80s part 2

Back 2 the 80’s Volume 2 | 80’s Dance Megamix

I’m back with of Back 2 the 80’s pt. 2, a monster mix of classic dance hits from the era. I’ve got enough to likely make a third set and maybe even throw in a New Wave version as well. If I do, I’ll post those later in the year. Originally, this was going to be one giant …Read More, Stream and Download

Back 2 the 80s part 1

Back 2 the 80’s Volume 1 | 80’s Dance Megamix

Party Favorz is back with Back 2 the 80’s, a monster mix of commercial dance classics from the era. After releasing the Trash Disco series last year, I knew I had to move a decade up as the genre that defined “dance” and “disco” has substantially changed with the introduction of the drum machine and synthesizers. You’ll notice …Read More, Stream and Download