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Summer Beach Party 2019

It’s that time of year when I bring you the BIGGEST dance club hits of the Summer with Summer Beach Party which is one giant non-stop fun-filled package.  I actually had a lot to say about this set but Rick is being an asshole, which is what happens when you’ve been together as long as …Read More, Stream and Download

Beach Party 2018 Volume 2

As promised, Party Favorz is back with even more smoldering summer dance club tracks! We pick the hits, so you don’t have to hunt for them on Spotify. Okay, that may be an overstatement, but we (meaning I) do my best to ensure you’re getting the latest and greatest along with upcoming club tracks that …Read More, Stream and Download

Beach Party 2018 Volume 1

As the days continue to fry our brains and as we melt in the extreme heat and humidity that keeps inching up year after year, Party Favorz is finally back with part one of the 2018 edition of Beach Party; These are the hottest songs of the summer that are guaranteed to make you wanna move. …Read More, Stream and Download

Beach Party 2017 Volume 2

Somehow, some way I managed to pull it off. I’ve two, count them TWO hot off-the-press sets for you folks this week. Kicking it off, I bring you Beach Party 2017 volume 2 with smoldering EDM/Dance hits that are currently ripping up the charts and dancefloors across the globe. Beware, we are in that period …Read More, Stream and Download