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The “Catch-Up” series is an annual non-stop mix of the top EDM Dance Club songs from the first six months of the year.

Close up of woman with mirror glasses and hot pink lipstick for cover of Catch-Up 2023 featuring the TOP EDM song of the year so far.

The Top EDM Songs of the Year…So Far!

Party Favorz is thrilled to bring you our annual “Catch-Up” compilation, showcasing the Top EDM songs that have rocked the Dance Club scene in 2023. This playlist speaks for itself, but we’ve also included some standout tracks from 2022 like “I’m Good (Blue)” by David Guetta and Bebe Rexha and “Drugs From Amsterdam” by Mau …Read More, Stream and Download

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The Biggest Dance Songs of the Year…So Far! — Catch-Up 2022 Volume 2

I decided to surprise everyone by dropping volume 2 of the 2022 Catch-Up series featuring the biggest dance songs of the year so far a day early. Lately, the summer weather has been hotter than hell as we had a high of 102 degrees yesterday and a short-lived massive storm complete with hail that I …Read More, Stream and Download

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The Biggest Dance Songs of the Year…So Far! | Catch-Up 2022 Volume 1

As promised, Party Favorz has officially switched gears into summer mode with the release of our annual Catch-Up for 2022. This set features the biggest and I mean the BIGGEST Dance Club songs of the year right at the midpoint. As typical of past releases, songs released in the last quarter of the previous year are …Read More, Stream and Download

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Catch-Up 2021 Volume 2 | The Year’s BIGGEST Dance Club hits so far!

As promised, Party Favorz is delivering a second slice of the year’s biggest dance club songs with a smattering of new releases, bootlegs, and newer club hits that are going to be fueling your summer dance parties. Let’s get started. Anyone with a sense of musical history knows that disco has been all the rage …Read More, Stream and Download