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The “Jingle Electric” is the final non-stop mix of the year featuring the top EDM Dance Club hits of the holiday season.

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Top Dance Songs of the Holiday Season! — Jingle Electric 2022

Party Favorz is back with our annual Jingle Electric featuring the top dance songs of the holiday season and this set is one smoking hot set ready to burn down the house! 2022 has been a transitional year for dance music with a lot of variety in styles making their way onto many playlists. Granted, …Read More, Stream and Download

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Jingle Electric 2021 — The Season’s HOTTEST Dance Club Songs | Updated

As Party Favorz heads toward the end of the year, we’re kicking December off with our annual Jingle Electric series. It’s been just over a month since we dropped HW21 and there haven’t been a whole lot of new releases but enough to compile a slamming set filling in the gaps with bootlegged classics and …Read More, Stream and Download

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Jingle Electric 2020 | Winter’s Biggest Dance Party!

Party Favorz is on a roll ensuring all of your holiday stress gets worked out by the end of the year. Jingle Electric is our annual final Dance Club set of the year featuring the latest commercial dance hits. However, since releases have slowed down since the summer — I decided to merge elements of …Read More, Stream and Download

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Jingle Electric 2019

As Party Favorz counts down the days before we enter into the third decade of the Millennium — we continue to deliver the goodie bags to make your holidays more enjoyable or at least bearable. In keeping with tradition, we’re dropping the annual Jingle Electric, which features the biggest Dance Club hits of the moment …Read More, Stream and Download