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Melting rainbow popsicle stick

Summer Melt 2022 — The Ultimate Summer Dance Party

Party Favorz is back to make the unbearably hot days even hotter. Yes, Georgia has had oppressive heat since May but it appears to have subsided to a more reasonable 90 degrees (Fahrenheit) for the next week with low 70s for our evenings. The humidity is still 100% but we’ve had a lot of rain …Read More, Stream and Download

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Summer Melt 2021 | The Ultimate Summer Dance Party!

Party Favorz is back with the ultimate summer dance party to fuel the remaining days of the season and boy oh boy the Summer Melt 2021 is lit! When I sat down to compile this set list, it was coming up short and frankly a bit homogenous. There haven’t been any late summer bombs released …Read More, Stream and Download

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Meltdown 2020 | The HOTTEST Dance Club Songs of the Summer!

Party Favorz is back with Meltdown 2020 containing the hottest dance club songs of the summer. If you’ve been searching for the one true party mix to light your fire — then you’ve arrived at your destination. The resurrection of a goddess — Tina Turner After having massive success with the resurrection of the buried …Read More, Stream and Download

Summer Swelter

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’M BACK! Let’s just call the last three week the Great Computer Meltdown of 2013. This was a first for me based on the last three computer builds. Apparently, the stock Intel heatsinks that come with the i7 processor (can’t speak to the others) is faulty and …Read More, Stream and Download