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Immerse yourself in the state of vocal Trance with the “Trance Classics” channel’s non-stop mixes of epic songs from the mid-90s to the early millennium!

Trance Classics volume 3 on grunge metal background

Trance Classics Volume 3: Iconic Trance Music Anthology

Dive into the captivating rhythm of Volume 3 of the Ultimate Trance Classics series, a collection featuring over 3 hours of blissfully euphoric trance music, encapsulating the most influential tracks from this transformative genre’s illustrious history. The journey through Trance Classics opens with the hauntingly melodic “Nightmare” by Brainbug, setting a hypnotic tone. Blank & …Read More, Stream and Download

The Ultimate Trance Classics Volume 1 on steel grunge background

Ultimate Trance Classics Volume 1: A Journey Through the Evolution of Dance Music

Immersing yourself in Trance Classics is akin to taking a voyage through the transformative journey of the dance music scene. This unique genre sprang from the early 1990s techno and hardcore scenes of Germany, enriched by the British new-age music wave. Trance Classics, renowned for tempos ranging between 120–150 bpm, are hallmarked by repetitive melodic …Read More, Stream and Download