Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Top Dance Songs of 2002 Volume 1

The year 2002 was a vibrant year for dance club music, with various artists and DJs bursting onto the scene with a fresh perspective. As we delve into the realm of this unique music culture, let’s take a nostalgic look at some of the biggest dance songs that dominated the airwaves and club scene. As we turn the tables, our focus will be on a select list of the top dance songs of 2002, including unforgettable tracks such as “White Lipstick Girl”, “Fire”, “It’s Gonna Be… (A Lovely Day)”, “Don’t Let Me Get Me”, and “Die Another Day”.

At the top of the list is “White Lipstick Girl” by Anny, remixed by Ralphi Rosario and Craig J. This track is an irresistible blend of electrifying beats and sensual vocals, all wrapped up in a Lipstick Vocal Mix. Anny’s voice is beautifully juxtaposed with the rhythm-infused soundscape created by Ralphi R. & Craig J., making it one of the biggest dance songs of 2002.

Next on our roster is “Fire” by Dolce, featuring the Orange Factory  This track erupted onto the scene, igniting dance floors across the globe. Orange Factory’s robust rhythm sections and pulsating beats stoked the flames of this dance hit, cementing its place in the list of top dance songs of 2002.

We cannot discuss 2002 without mentioning “It’s Gonna Be… (A Lovely Day)” by Brancaccio & Aisher. This infectious Bini & Martini Club Mix hit was a staple in dance clubs worldwide, fusing compelling vocals with a beat that was simply impossible to resist. The perfect synergy of Bini & Martini’s infectious rhythm and the commanding vocals of Brancaccio & Aisher crafted a club anthem that was emblematic of the dance music scene that year.

In 2002, pop icon Pink also stepped into the club scene with “Don’t Let Me Get Me”, remixed into a dance hit by Tracy Young. The Juicy Horn Mix added an electrifying dimension to the song, transforming it into a club banger. Tracy Young’s mastery of blending pop vocals with high-energy dance beats culminated in one of the top dance songs of 2002.

The year 2002 also saw Madonna, the Queen of Pop, reign on the dance floor with “Die Another Day”. The Calderone & Quayle Afterlife Mix breathed new life into the track, creating an ethereal dance experience. The hauntingly beautiful mix echoed through clubs around the world, sealing its position as one of the biggest dance songs that year.

2002 was indeed a remarkable year, teeming with iconic club anthems that shaped the music landscape. As we reflect on these top dance songs of 2002, we appreciate the creativity of these artists and DJs, whose passion and talent have left a lasting impression on dance music culture. From the captivating beats of “White Lipstick Girl” to the stirring rhythm of “Die Another Day”, the biggest dance songs of 2002 continue to resonate, reminding us of the power and beauty of dance music.

Album : Year-End Edition 2002 | volume 1  
Genre : Circuit, House, Progressive
Year : 2002
Total Time : 1:15:01:00

1. Whenever, Wherever (Tracy Young’s Spin Cycle Mix) – Shakira

2. Soak Up The Sun (Calderone & Quayle Sunsweep Mix) – Sheryl Crow

3. Insatiable (Victor Calderone Club Mix) – Darren Hayes

4. Can’t Stop Dancin’ (Thunderpuss Club Mix) – Inaya Day

5. White Lipstick Girl (Ralphi R. & Craig J. Lipstick Vocal Mix) – Anny

6. Escape (Thunderpuss Club Mix) – Enrique Iglesias

7. Fire (Orange Factory Original Vocal) – Dolce

8. Emotions (Tony Moran Anthem 12” Mix) – Elle Patrice

9. I Got The Music In Me (Solar City Club Mix) – Erin Hamilton

10. A New Day Has Come (Mike Rizzo Club Mix) – Celine Dion

11. It’s Gonna Be… (A Lovely Day) (Bini & Martini Club Mix) – Brancaccio & Aisher

12. Empires (Illicit Siren Mix) – Lamya

13. Don’t Let Me Get Me (Tracy Young Juicy Horn Mix) – Pink

14. Die Another Day (Calderone & Quayle Afterlife Mix) – Madonna

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