Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Top Dance Songs of 2010 Volume 1

The year 2010 was a musical hotspot filled with vibrant dance hits that have stood the test of time. Looking back at the top dance songs of 2010, it’s clear to see that this period was a moment of dynamism and innovation in the dance music industry.

Kicking off our list, Jes’ “Lovesong (Extended Mix)” epitomized the innovative approach of 2010, with its mesmerizing beats and enticing lyrics. An impressive fusion of electronic elements and soulful vocals, the song managed to encapsulate the year’s vibe in its energetic rhythm.

The Scissor Sisters, known for their disco-styled pop, contributed to the top dance songs of 2010 with “Fire With Fire (Digital Dog Club Mix)”, demonstrating their versatility in fusing various music styles. The mix added a new layer to the original track, ensuring a smooth transition from a pop rock anthem to a dance floor banger.

Train’s “Hey Soul Sister (Karmatronic Club Mix)” was another remarkable entry. The song, originally a pop-rock ballad, was given a dance makeover that allowed it to fit seamlessly into any club playlist, further solidifying its position amongst the top dance songs of 2010.

Swedish DJ and producer, Avicii, who later became one of the most influential figures in EDM, made waves with “Bromance (The Love You Seek) (Avicii’s Extended Vocal Mix)”, a collaborative effort with Amanda Wilson, and “My Feelings For You (Original Mix)”, a collaboration with Sebastien Drums. Both songs, with their captivating beats and memorable lyrics, were standouts and have been influential in shaping the future of dance music.

Meanwhile, pop artist Ke$ha left her mark on the dance scene with “Your Love Is My Drug (Dave Aude Club Mix)”. Her distinctive voice coupled with the track’s dance-infused beats encapsulated the year’s energy. Similarly, Rihanna’s “Only Girl [In The World] (The Bimbo Jones Club)” was another chart-topping hit, cementing her position in the realm of dance music.

Winter Gordon’s “Dirty Talk (Chew Fu Extended Mix)” was a standout amongst the top dance songs of 2010, with its edgy lyrics and pulsating beats. Kelly Rowland, too, made a significant impact with “Commander (Extended Mix)” – an empowering anthem that resonated on dance floors worldwide.

Finally, Lady GaGa’s “Alejandro (Bimbo Jones Club Mix)” was another song that reflected the creativity of 2010. Bimbo Jones’ remix of this track added a fresh perspective, demonstrating the year’s preference for innovative remixes.

In summary, the top dance songs of 2010 marked a significant point in dance music history. They not only set the tone for the decade but also paved the way for future musical innovation. The artists, DJs, and remixers of 2010 pushed boundaries, experimented with new styles, and ultimately shaped the dance scene we know and love today.

Album : Year-End Edition 2010 | Volume 1
Genre : EDM, Electro, Commercial
Year : 2010
Total Time : 01:25:08

1. Jes – Lovesong (Extended Mix)

2. Scissor Sisters – Fire With Fire (Digital Dog Club Mix)

3. Train – Hey Soul Sister (Karmatronic Club Mix)

4. Tim Berg vs. Amanda Wilson – Bromance (The Love You Seek) (Avicii’s Extended Vocal Mix)

5. Avicii & Sebastien Drums – My Feelings For You (Original Mix)

6. Ke$ha – Your Love Is My Drug (Dave Aude Club Mix)

7. Kylie – Get Outta My Way (7th Heaven Club Mix)

8. Lady Antebellum – Need You Now (Dark Intensity Remix)

9. Travie McCoy feat. Bruno Mars – Billionaire (Mikael Wills & Justin Sane Remix)

10. Winter Gordon – Dirty Talk (Chew Fu Extended Mix)

11. Rihanna – Only Girl [In The World] (The Bimbo Jones Club)

12. Nelly Furtado – Night Is Young (Sketch Iz Dead Club Mix)

13. OneRepublic – Secrets (Roger Sanchez Club Mix)

14. Kelly Rowland – Commander (Extended Mix)

15. Lady GaGa – Alejandro (Bimbo Jones Club Mix)

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