Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

90s Classic House Music Volume 9: Surrender Yourself

As we dive deeper into our treasure trove of 90s Classic House Music, we present “Surrender Yourself”—a collection that not only spotlights time-honored house tunes but also offers early glimpses into what would evolve into the contemporary circuit house sound. Songs like “Body To Body (Keep In Touch)” remixed by Junior Vasquez and “Changes” with Soul Solution‘s unique touch serve as milestones on the road to today’s multifaceted dance music landscape.

Speaking of “Changes,” this track holds a unique backstory. It’s one of Soul Solution’s nascent remixes, and let’s be honest, it was a bit disjointed. So, we took the liberty of editing it for a more cohesive experience. Soul Solution duo Bobby Guy and Ernie Lake were trailblazers, quickly rising to prominence in the 90s Classic House Music era. Yet, they eventually parted ways due to a label dispute, which in a twist of fate, opened the gates for Hex Hector—a collaborator they had worked with—to ascend and become one of the 90s’ most luminary DJs.

The tribute mix boasts an eclectic range of artists and DJs. From the Reese Project’s “The Color Of Love” remixed by Underground Resistance to MK’s “Always” featuring Alana on the NY Stomp Remix, each track captures a facet of the 90s Classic House Music era that’s worth revisiting. It’s a vibrant mix that beckons you to relive those dance floor moments that defined a generation.

So whether you’re a house purist or a circuit aficionado, this set offers a rich palette of sounds that encapsulates the diversity and innovation of 90s Classic House Music.

Until the next time …ENJOY!

Album: Surrender Yourself | 90’s House Classics pt. 9
Genre: House Music
Year: 2017
Total Time: 1:24:23

1. The Reese Project – The Color Of Love (Underground Resistance Club Mix)

2. Meechie – You Bring Me Joy (Mo’s Club Mix)

3. So Pure – Changes (Soul Solution Mix)

4. Daphne – I Found It (Greed Shakedown Mix)

5. Gabrielle – Dreams (The Red Underground Mix)

6. Clubhouse – Deep In My Heart (American Mix)

7. Michael Watford – So Into You (Classic Club Mix)

8. Sunscreem – Love U More (Band of Gypsies Mix)

9. MK feat. Alana – Always (NY Stomp Remix)

10. Full Intention – America [I Love America] (12” Vocal Mix)

11. Robin S – It Must Be Love (Fitch Bros Club Mix)

12. Shades Of Love – Body To Body (Keep In Touch) (Junior’s 10/31 Club Mix)

13. The Daou – Surrender Yourself (Ballroom Mix)

14. Patra – Worker Man (The Satoshi Tomiie Interpretation)

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