Adele | The DIVA Series

Adele The Diva Series

Rick is out of town for the weekend so last night I decided to revisit this set only to realize I made a glaring omission; I left out “Make You Feel My Love.”
The song was originally written by Bob Dylan but never released until much later. When the original surfaced, Billy Joel, Trisha Yearwoood and Garth Brooks all did remakes of the song. To this day, I hold the Garth Brooks version very close to my heart. Listening to the version by Adele, brought back all those old feelings of betrayal, resentment and revenge; feelings that I have managed to suppress in sour relationships since then because it makes me appear petty, if not foolish.
It came out in 1998, a time when my relationship with Pete was on the rocks as I talked about in the DIVA Tribute to Erasure. I would go to this dive billiard hall and have a couple of Bohemia’s (Mexican beer) and play that song on the jukebox over and over while drowning in my own tears before heading to the gay bar for the rest of the evening. Knowing that Pete would be there, it aloud me to clear my head in advance, lest I do something stupid.
I’ve included two versions of the song; one a dance version and the other a more chilled version that keeps up with the tempo of the original. The dance version is really good but I just wish they had slowed it down some. If you don’t like the additions, I suggest you keep the original set as the newer version is replacing the older one which will no longer be available. 

English singer Adele (Adele Laurie Blue Adkins) won two Grammy’s for her debut album 19 in 2009 and it’s been nothing but uphill since then. After the success of that album, if you still didn’t know who she was, you couldn’t avoid her after her sophomore album release 21. Her amazing performance of “Rolling In the Deep” on the Letterman Show further solidified her name and went on to win an additional six Grammy’s including Album of the Year.

By the time 25 landed, all bets were off when she won a contentious battle of the Grammy for Album of the Year beating out another one of our favorite divas Beyoncé. While heartfelt, her acceptance speech may have been slightly over the top but all is forgiven because she was (as in past interviews) genuinely sincere if not surprised by her win.

While lacking the vocal gymnastics of her predecessors, Adele has put herself in a position to wrangle the mantle away from Celine Dion who stole it from Barbra Streisand. She has the qualities of Celine’s overly genuine and heartfelt gratitude and sincerity with Barbra’s street smarts, honesty, and use of frosty language to express her views. Combined with her outstanding beauty and talent, she IS the ultimate DIVA.

Party Favorz is proud if not downright giddy about inducting one of our favorite artists of the 21st century into the DIVA Hall of Fame. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome our newest DIVA, Adele.

I want to give a HUGE shout-out to those that answered my call to keep Party Favorz afloat on our 10th year providing the finest dance music podcasts to be found anywhere on the net. MASSIVE hugs and kisses goes out to: Ludovic D., John D., Raymond C., Glenn A. (aka DiscoBall), Raul G., Doug B., Nicolas C., Ray J., and Gary N.

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   Album : Adele – The Diva Series  
   Genre : House Music
   Year : 2017
   Total Time : 1:26:40.00
  1. Hello (Cosmic Dawn Club Mix)

  2. Turning Tables (Xeva Bootleg)

  3. Rolling In The Deep (Downtown London Remix Extended)

  4. Hometown Glory (Axwell Club Mix)

  5. Make You Feel My Love (Pivotao Dance Version)

  6. When We Were Young (DJ Strobe Extended Vocal)

  7. Skyfall (Cosmic Dawn & Andy Reese Remix)

  8. Rumour Has It (Gabriel Batz Remix)

  9. Remedy (The Pengwin & DJ EU Remix)

  10. Set Fire To The Rain (Moto Blanco Club Mix)

  11. Cold Shoulder (Out of Office Remix)

  12. Send My Love (To Your New Lover) (Ranny’s Peak Hour Mix)

  13. Someone Like You (eSQUIRE vs. OFFBeat Remix)

  14. All I Ask (Lord N’ Remix)

  15. Hello (eSQUIRE Bootleg Remix)

  16. Chasing Pavements (Ultimix Remix)

  17. Make You Feel My Love (Bas Metz Remix)

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