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Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 16 years!

All Night Long — Disco House Spring 2022

Lady in 70s inspried black and white fashion dress with open toe stilettos and one foot on a disco ball‘All Night Long’ was supposed to drop yesterday but when I created the 30-minute preview — I accidentally overwrote the original. I wanted to finish up the next circuit set I had been working on and pushed the release out to today.

The good news is, this weekend is going to be a double-header as I’m knocking these sets out in record time. These days, the majority of my time spent on mixes is the culmination and elimination process. It’s a time-consuming and complicated process which I’ve probably discussed before so I’ll leave it there.

In the interim, Party Favorz is serving up a slice of what I like to call ‘cosmopolitan disco‘ where the music is funky but overall silky smooth, soulful, and with a lot of vocal house. There’s a lot of variety here but the overall feel sounds like you’re in a swanky NYC club probably doing lines in the bathroom but I digress.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the Spring Edition 2022 because I’ve got a lot on my plate next week, which I’ll discuss tomorrow.

Until then…ENJOY!

It just dawned on me that February’s Disco House set was also called ‘All Night Long.’ It’s not like me to be so careless or maybe it is but that wasn’t my intention. Oh well, too late to turn back now.

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Album: All Night Long
Genre: House, NuDisco, Soulful House
Year: 2022
Total Time: 03:36:15

1. Born Dirty – All Night Long (All Night) (Original Mix)

2. GhostMasters – Born This Way (Extended Mix)

3. Ricky Tenaglia – Disco Party (Original Mix)

4. Mark Lower – All Eyes On You (Original Mix)

5. Antonello Ferrari & Aldo Bergamasco – Take Me Higher (Antonello Ferrari & Aldo Bergamasco Club Mix)

6. Ron Carroll feat. Aires Adora – What I Want (Main Mix)

7. Chemise – She Can’t Love You (Purple Disco Machine Edit)

8. Hotmood – Let’s Do It (FunkeeSounds Remix)

9. Miki Zara – Life (Original Mix)

10. Brothers In Motion – Move & Shake (BIM Original)

11. Dutchican Soul & Yogi – Be Funky (Extended Mix)

12. Glen Horsborough & Tracy Hamlin – Still Need Love (CASSIMM Extended Remix)

13. Per QX & May Yamani – Can’t Find My Way Home (Original Mix)

14. Tasha LaRae & DJ Spen – Wish I Didn’t Miss You (John Morales MM Vocal Mix)

15. Booker T Kings Of Souls – If You Take My Love (Michael Gray Vocal Remix)

16. Mirko & Meex – Forevermore (Dr Packer Remix)

17. Mark Whites – Sunshine (ReGroove Mix)

18. Block & Crown x Lissat – Keep On (Original Mix)

19. Block & Crown x Nick Fiorucci – Don’t Throw My Love (Original Mix)

20. Manuel Grandi – Love Phenomena (JL Club Mix)

21. Block & Crown x Paul Parsons – Gonna Make You Mine (Original Mix)

22. Jack Back – Feeling (Extended Mix)

23. Forever – I LOVE YOU (Extended Mix)

24. Mike Chenery – Make Love (Original Mix)

25. Mirko & Meex – Praise You (Original Mix)

26. The Shapeshifters feat. Joss Stone – Bring On The Rain (Extended Mix)

27. NY’S Finest – Do You Feel Me (Odyssey Inc. Remix)

28. Per QX, Wayne Soul Avengerz & Odyssey Inc. – Joy & Happiness (Original Mix)

29. Din Jay – Make Me Feel (Original Mix)

30. Earth n Days – The Rhythm (Extended Mix)

31. Joe T Vannelli – Paradise (CASSIMM Extended Remix)

32. Disco Gurls – 4Get Me Nots (Extended Mix)

33. FLIP-DA-FUNK – Real Love (Original Mix)

34. Jocelyn Brown – Pickin Up Promises (Dr Packer Remix)

35. Angelo Ferreri, Andrea Monta & Karl8 – Move Your Feet (Original Mix)

36. GhostMasters – Could U B Loved (Extended Mix)

37. Roberto De Carlo feat. Colin Corvez – You Are The One For Me (Ken@Work 2022 Remix)

38. Supafly & De Funk – Pleasure Love (Dr Packer Disco Dub Extended)

39. Joey Negro vs. Horse Meat Disco – Candidate For Love (Joey Negro Feelin Love Dub)

40. Firefly – Love Is Gonna Be On Your Side (Michael Gray Remix)

41. Micky More & Andy Tee x Angela Johnson – Do I Do (Original Extended Mix)

42. Dirty Channels feat. Debbie Jacobs – Let Love In (Extended Vocal Mix)

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