Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Avicii Remembered: A Dance Music Tribute to His Unforgettable Legacy

When it comes to the titans of electronic dance music, one name that always echoes in our hearts is Avicii. Known for his distinct flair of blending melodies with pulsating beats, Avicii left us all too soon in April 2018. Here at Party Favorz, it’s more than just about the beats—it’s about honoring the creative geniuses who have shaped dance floors around the world. Today, we pay homage with a special tribute dance mix that takes you on a sentimental journey through Avicii’s remarkable career.

Crafting Masterpieces: The Songs That Defined Avicii

One of Avicii’s earliest triumphs was “My Feelings For You,” a collaboration with Sebastien Drums. The original mix put both artists on the EDM map and showed the industry a new approach to harmonizing rhythms and melodies. It was fresh, invigorating, and signaled the arrival of a new musical savant.

Who could forget Avicii’s imprint on Coldplay’s “A Sky Full Of Stars”? Avicii transformed the original tune into an anthemic journey fit for any festival stage. The track masterfully encapsulated his ability to transcend genres while preserving the soul of the original song.

Then there’s “Levels,” with vocals by Etta James. Here, the DJ Markell & Allex Franko remix gives this classic tune a fresh spin, fusing the iconic vocals with euphoric dance beats. The song not only topped the charts but also became an anthem for an entire generation of electronic music lovers.

Operating under his alias Tim/Berg, “Bromance (The Love You Seek),” featuring vocals by Amanda Wilson, was a game-changer in Avicii’s career. The song seamlessly merged heartfelt lyrics with the uplifting energy that is the hallmark of great dance music.

The emotional depth of “Silhouettes,” with vocals by Salem Al Fakir, demonstrated Avicii’s ability to craft complex arrangements while touching on themes of change and metamorphosis. It was a musical tapestry that revealed a more intimate side of the artist.

“I Could Be The One,” a partnership with Nicky Romero featuring vocals by Noonie Bao, captivated audiences with its catchy lyrics and beat, defining Avicii’s signature style of melodic house music. It was more than a track; it was a statement of artistic identity.

Last but certainly not least, “Wake Me Up,” featuring vocals by Aloe Blacc, became a global phenomenon. The song showcased Avicii’s genre-blending prowess, infusing country elements with dance rhythms to create a cross-over masterpiece.

The Tribute Mix: Celebrating a Phenomenal Legacy

Our special tribute mix isn’t just a compilation; it’s a heartfelt dedication to a musical genius taken too soon. The set weaves through these career-defining tracks, reminding us not only of Avicii’s talent but also of the joy and unity his music continues to bring to dance floors worldwide. As we blend the beats and rhythms, each transition is a nod to his unique ability to make people feel alive through music.

Avicii’s work has left an indelible imprint not just on electronic dance music but on global pop culture. This tribute mix aims to encapsulate the emotions, the highs, and yes, the levels, that his music has taken us through over the years.

While words can hardly capture the magic that was Avicii, it’s through music that we find our most fitting tribute. As we navigate through each iconic track, we’re reminded of the footprints he’s left in our musical hearts. For those who’ve been following Party Favorz, you know how deeply we respect those who’ve made an impact on dance music. Avicii’s legacy is one that will continue to resonate through the ages, just like the unforgettable melodies he created.

Until the next time…ENJOY!

   Album: Wake Me Up | Avicii Legacy Tribute  
   Genre: EDM
   Year: 2018
   Total Time: 1:27:35:00

1. The Days (Extended Mix) [Vocals by Robbie Williams]

2. For A Better Day (KSHMR Remix) [Vocals by Alex Ebert]

3. Lonely Together (Dirty Werk & Country Club Martini Crew Remix) [Vocals by Rita Oro]

4. Addicted To You (Avicii By Avicii) [Vocals by Audra Mae]

5. Silhouettes (Original Mix) [Vocals by Salem Al Fakir]

6. Insomnia 2.0 (Avicii Remix) [Faithless]

7. Rapture (Avicii New Generation Extended Mix) [Vocals by Nadia Ali]

8. The Nights (Rave Republic Club Mix) [Vocals by Nicholas Furlong]

9. You Make Me (Dirty Pop Deconstruction Mix) [Vocals by Salem Al Fakir]

10. A Sky Full Of Stars (Hardwell Remix) [Coldplay]

11. Levels [Good Feeling] (DJ Markell & Allex Franko Remix) [Vocals by Etta James] ¹

12. Bromance (The Love You Seek) (Avicii’s Extended Vocal Mix) [alias Tim/Berg; Vocals by Amanda Wilson] ²

13. I Could Be The One (Original Mix) [with Nicky Romero; Vocals by Noonie Bao]

14. My Feelings For You (Original Mix) [with Sebastien Drums] ³

15. Waiting for Love (Sam Feldt Remix) [Vocals by Simon Aldred]

16. Without You (Merk & Kremont Mix) [Vocals by Sandro Cavazza]

17. Broken Arrows (M-22 Extended) [Vocals by Zac Brown]

18. Wake Me Up (Extended Mix) [Vocals by Aloe Blacc]

    ¹ Samples “Something’s Got a Hold On Me” by Etta James
    ² Mashup of “Love U Seek” by Samuele Sartini and Amanda Wilson
    ³ Remix of original by Cassius
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