Beach House v

Beach House Edition 2009 v6

Beach House vThe final mix in this year’s Beach House series is a culmination of the two previous mixes but with a more funky attitude and some Latin and Jazzy beats thrown in for good measure.  I guess this pretty much does it for now but rest assured I am currently compiling the Summer Edition, which I’m hoping to have out late next week. I have a HUGE week ahead of me with something big happening every day.  I will no doubt be a very busy boy so we’ll see how I can rectify that and manage to get the next series out.  Since I want everyone to have a slammin’ summer, I’ll do my best.

I’ll be bringing you guys some kick-ass circuit tunes soon enough.  Until then, have a fabulous weekend and as always…Enjoy!

Album : Beach House Edition v6
Genre : House, Funky, Soulful, Disco
Year : 2009
Total Time : 1:27:01.00

Track : 1
Title : Heaven (Jazzloungerz Ayla Lead Mix)
Artist : Matthias Heilbronn feat. Inaya Day

Track : 2
Title : Believe In Us (Robbie Taylor Classic Vocal Mix)
Artist : Marcella feat. I-Fan

Track : 3
Title : Oracle (GR’s Latin Soul Mix)
Artist : Afro Medusa

Track : 4
Title : Jazz It Up (Original)
Artist : Dutchican Soul

Track : 5
Title : Desabafo (Guy Robins Main Mix)
Artist : Tarek

Track : 6
Title : If You Want My Love (Elektrik Disko Mix)
Artist : Soul Avengerz feat. Max C

Track : 7
Title : City Won’t Sleep (Moto Blanco Remix)
Artist : Steve Appleton

Track : 8
Title : Uncomplicated (Soulshaker Club Mix)
Artist : Sallie Toussaint

Track : 9
Title : Let Me Back (Love To Infinity Remix Club)
Artist : Zarif

Track : 10
Title : Feel Like Singin’ (Mark Picchiotti Original Vocal)
Artist : Mark Picchiotti feat. Alec Sun Drae

Track : 11
Title : You Are The One For Me (Roberto De Carlo Original Mix)
Artist : Roberto De Carlo feat. Colin Corvez

Track : 12
Title : Lose Your Love (Outwave Project Remix)
Artist : Heart Of Space vs. Alex Barattini

Track : 13
Title : Cuba Libre (Original)
Artist : Identity

Track : 14
Title : Listen To The Voice (Extended Club Mix)
Artist : Hideo Kobayashi

Track : 15
Title : Streets Of The Sun (Heavyweight Mix)
Artist : Andy Ward feat. Sofia Rubina

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