Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

BPM Edition 2010 Volume 2 | Take 3

I apologize for the delay, but I’ve been really busy working on the site and trying to get all the back-end stuff fixed after Google left me out for dry. No need to worry, this doesn’t concern most of you that have been following this site for a long while. It mainly concerns those that are just now coming on board, and by the looks of it, there are many PF newbies!

In the meantime, I’m serving up a platter of deep, dark and delicious house music with a side of hot sauce to keep it extra spicy. In fact, the majority of this set is pretty much peak hour, big room madness that explores the darker side of the progressive movement, while keeping the hooks aplenty!

The first three songs come at you like a ton of bricks. Mr. Malo’s remake of the 1988 hi-nrg classic “S-Express” and Hi-Tack’s production of the 1999 Trance classic “Out of the Blue” by System F stay true to the originals while updating the sound for today’s floors. The latter is nothing short of sweeping, majestic pleasure recalling the original with layer upon layer of thick heavy synths.

Since we’re on the remake kick I also dropped the Ultra Nate 90’s big house classic “Free.” You may remember the breezy, bouncy Bob Sinclar take on my recent T-Dance Edition; well Teo Moss and Daniel Shems take the progressive route and deliver something new and fresh. I was thinking the other day that I may very well expedite Ultra through the nomination process and honor her by inducting her into the Diva Hall of Fame. Stay tuned.

Every few years, Ish Ledesma of the late 70s group Foxy (Get Off), takes his late 80s girl group Company B and remixes one of their hits. Over the years, “Fascination” has definitely had its share, including a complete re-work by the fabulous Suzanne Palmer. However, none of them ever really stood out for me; that is until now. Veteran DJ/producer Giuseppe D. had the good sense to keep the hooks of the original while giving it that Millennium punch it desperately needed. On the opposite end, Players Please deliver an unlikely progressive rendering of Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s “The Power of Love.” Deep, very dark and definitely delicious!

Toni Braxton’s latest “Make My Heart” get’s a series of re-works courtesy of Atlanta records, her current label. None of the original three that were sent out as promos made the final cut. Instead, they went with other producers to promote this release. Shame, because I am totally in love with the Behrouz remix, which is why I kept it in the set. Regardless, their choices were still outstanding and you can expect the Alexander and Mark VDH production to be hitting up the Spring Edition.

Another BIG winner for me is “Ready For the Fight” by the always unpredictable Young Punx. While there is a big electro remix by Wes Clarke, it’s all about the Gramaphonedzie (Marko Milicevic) remix for me.

Frankly, I think this entire set is one giant masterpiece of late night mayhem and I’m certain you’ll agree. As promised, this one is OTH. I’ll be taking the rest of the week off to give myself a break and allow you folks to digest everything that has already been posted this year. I should be back the following week with the first two of a year-long project I will be starting “Chrome: Millennium Edition (the First 10 Years). It also appears that the Spring Edition will make an early appearance this year and of course I’m already lining ‘em up for the next T-Dance set, which by all accounts is shaping up to be pretty darn funky.

That’s all I got for today. It’s hump day, so time to start thinking about the weekend. After all, it’s all downhill from here! I’ll be back next week.

Until then, ENJOY!

Album : BPM Edition 2010 v2
Genre : Electro, House, Progressive
Year : 2010
Total Time : 1:19:37:00

Track : 1
Title : S’Express 2.1 (Mario Lopez vs. C-Base Remix)
Artist : Mr. Malo

Track : 1
Title : Out Of The Blue 2010 (Hi-Tack Extended Mix)
Artist : System F

Track : 1
Title : Spaced Invader (Hatiras’ 2010 Vocal Mix)
Artist : Hatiras feat. Slarta John

Track : 1
Title : Confusion (B & C Pacha Mix)
Artist : Block & Crown feat. Roxanne

Track : 1
Title : Make My Heart (Behrouz Remix)
Artist : Toni Braxton

Track : 1
Title : Secret Love (Wendel Kos First Sunlight Remix)
Artist : Kim Sozzi

Track : 1
Title : Pozer (Zer Zer Zer) (Bassmonkeys Extended Mix)
Artist : Jodie Aysha

Track : 1
Title : Ready For The Fight (Gramaphonedzie Remix)
Artist : The Young Punx feat. Count Bass D

Track : 1
Title : Feels Like Fire (Club Mix)
Artist : Players Please

Track : 1
Title : Fascinated (Giuseppe D. Tune-Adiks Remix)
Artist : Company B

Track : 1
Title : I’m Your Goddess (Extended Mix)
Artist : David Vendetta vs. Tara McDonald feat. Alim

Track : 1
Title : Fly Away (Rossko Club Mix)
Artist : CyberSutra feat. Marcia Juell

Track : 1
Title : Free 2010 (Teo Moss & Daniel Shems Remix)
Artist : Ultra Nate

Track : 1
Title : No More Lies (Galea & Ruane Extended Mix)
Artist : Nightstylers feat. Loridana Majori

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