Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Coming Soon!

White background with rainbow splattered pain dripping from the topI have spent the better part of this last week compiling the track list for what’s going to be the most epic Gay Anthems For A New Generation ever compiled. Last year’s release was over 5 hours with 70 tracks. This set will run three volumes (one more than anticipated) and consist of modern-era remixes of classic gay anthems in addition to more recent anthems that for one reason or another, attract gay allegiance.

Since its introduction back in 2016, this series is one of the most anticipated and biggest releases Party Favorz drops every year and I fully expect this year will be no different.

I’ve already cleared out which versions of songs I’m going to use for the set and everything is ready to be mixed, which I’ll start on shortly. Unlike the Ultimate Gay Anthems & Pride Classic series — this should be easier to mix (for the most part).

That being said, this has been a massive undertaking and has taken way longer than originally anticipated. All I ask is for a little more patience from those of you looking for new music to drop because I promise, it’s coming.

At this point, the goal is to have all three volumes out within the next two weeks. I’ve got the other big release of the year Catch-up coming after that and then follow up with the official Pride Edition 2022. Just know, I’m working on it and even though I’m exhausted — I’m gonna get it all done so we can resume our regular summer programming.

Until then…ENJOY!

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