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shirtless hunky bear holidng up gay pride flag for Pride Edition 2023 coverart for the biggest Gay Pride Circuit Anthems

The Biggest Gay Pride Circuit Anthems

Party Favorz is thrilled to return with our annual Pride Edition for 2023, stepping back into the limelight with the most heart-pounding Gay Pride circuit anthems that are taking center stage at festivals and gay events worldwide. Our last offering of an unforgettable collection of circuit anthems was during our 2023 Spring Edition. Unfortunately, we …Read More, Stream and Download

naked guy with jeans to his legs in sneaker with rainbow flag draped over shoulders

Pride Edition 2021 | Celebrating 14 Years of GAY PRIDE!

It’s been one hell of a year but we’re finally beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel due to this long national nightmare. Party Favorz has been here through it all delivering the finest in club music to help you maintain a sense of normalcy. With most major artists holding back …Read More, Stream and Download

Celebration of Gay Pride With BIG Circuit Anthems!

As the air fills with love, acceptance, and the compelling beats of circuit anthems, we can’t help but surrender to the sheer force of PRIDE EDITION 2020 Volume 2. This collection is a salute to both Gay Pride and the unyielding spirit of the LGBTQ community. These tracks are an electrifying assembly of potent remixes …Read More, Stream and Download

Gay Pride Celebration 2020: Volume 1 | Elevate Your Spirits with BIG Circuit Anthems!

In the face of unprecedented upheaval, the LGBTQ+ community needs to embrace unity now more than ever. As we navigate a transformative period in history, this year’s Gay Pride Celebration takes on a nuanced, urgent tone. The battle for equal rights is far from over, even as society makes strides forward. Our struggle is deeply …Read More, Stream and Download