Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

The Lost Episodes Volume 2 | Party Favorz 10 Year Anniversary

Well, it looks like I managed to pull it off and finished reworking the lost episodes from 2007. For the most part, they are surprisingly good, with a heavy emphasis on Funky Edition 2007 v6 and Deep Edition 2007 v4 (an outstanding laidback chill mix if ever there was one).

I flipped two of the songs in Funky House Edition 2007 v5 for better flow and dropped one song from Deep Edition 2007 v3 because the song is super rare and only available on vinyl, which I don’t have the time for. I do remember the difficulty putting these two sets together and virtually no recollection of the Deep Edition v4 but was blown away once I started previewing it. Go figure.

In all of the reworks, I did not do a lot of editing to get them down to the required 80 minutes for CD burning. Frankly, it makes for a better listening experience overall by allowing the songs to breathe; especially on the Funky Edition 2007 v6.

This is pretty much where things will stand for Party Favorz; at least for the time being. I dropped the DJ service I use and haven’t been following anything but I can easily go back anytime I want should I finish out the year with the annual Year in Dance that I’ve been creating since the beginning.

I want to thank Ludvic D and Gary B for their donations. $$$ is ALWAYS appreciated and you will be added to the list if I manage to close the year out properly.

I hope everyone enjoys these time capsule classics. It sure brought back a lot of memories when I was reconstructing them. Be sure to click on the image below to go straight to each episode.

As always…ENJOY!

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