Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Fall Throwback 2023 Volume 1: Modernized Songs From the 80s, 90s and 00s For the Dancefloor

We’re amped to announce that Party Favorz is rolling out not one, but two volumes of our Throwback series. This isn’t your usual fare. We’re talking about songs that evoke nostalgia, remixed by familiar names like Block & Crown and GhostMasters. Interestingly, these creators are mixing it up—literally. They’re giving a fresh beat to songs that you probably never thought would belong in the Dance, Disco, or House categories.

In fact, our buddy DJ Freddy Greene started paving this route a while back. Remember his Disco and ’80s Dance edits? He was all about those DJ-friendly versions. However, he also began adding beats to pop songs, and I must admit, it left me a bit puzzled.

Hits and Misses: A Mixed Bag of Remixes

Now that others are jumping on this trend, the results are, let’s say, a mixed bag. Take Heart’s iconic Rock ballad “Alone.” Now picture it with a House beat. Sounds odd? That’s because it is, and even we’re curious to see how you’ll react to these new mixes.

You’ll notice the first volume spreads its influences across several decades but leans heavily towards the ’80s. Volume 2? It’s almost exclusively an ’80s fiesta, with a sprinkling of late-’70s tracks to keep you guessing. There are definitely some throwback songs that will not only surprise you but knock you off your feet.

Keeping Up With the Prolific Output of Dance Edits

Just try to keep pace; these artists are pushing out songs faster than you can say “remix.” All the selections in these volumes have been amassed since our Summer Throwback in June. There’s enough material for a third volume, but we’re saving those gems for a spring release

If these revamped classics tickle your fancy, head over to Beatport and look under their Funky House category. You’ll find a plethora of these tracks, and other DJs entering this realm. Spotify and Apple Music are also good platforms to follow these artists. Trust us, the tracks we’re showcasing barely scratch the surface of what these DJs offer. Here are their Spotify and Apple Music pages:

Block & Crown:  Spotify   Apple Music

GhostMasters:  Spotify   Apple Music

Measuring Success of this Throwback and What Lies Ahead

We’ll be keeping a close eye on the success of these latest Throwback offerings. Their performance will shape the future of further releases in this niche. Our first two original volumes were big hits, and we’re hopeful these will follow suit. But only time will tell.

And don’t forget, Party Favorz thrives on your support. If you’re digging what we’re putting together, think about making a donation today. Your contributions help us keep the dance floor alive.

Until the next time…ENJOY!

Album: Fall Throwback Dance Party Volume 1
Genre: 80s Dance, 90s House, 00s Dance
Year: 2023
Total Time: 02:50:20

1. Block & Crown – Whats Love (Nu Disco Extended Mix)

2. Disco Gurls – Specialize Lovers (Extended Mix)

3. Block & Crown, Lissat – Tonight (Original Mix)

4. Block & Crown – Gabriel (Nu Disco Mix)

5. GhostMasters – 2 Boottylicious (Extended Mix)

6. Disco Gurls – Dance Lady (Extended Mix)

7. GhostMasters – Shake It Good (Club Mix)

8. Disco Gurls – They Push Again (Extended Mix)

9. Block & Crown – Hot Freak (Original Mix)

10. Disco Gurls, The Soul Gang – Egyptian Walk (Club Mix)

11. Disco Gurls, The Soul Gang – All Starz (Extended Mix)

12. Khetama & Lissat – Vogued (Original Mix)

13. Disco Gurls – DJ Commissar (Club Mix)

14. GhostMasters – Spinning Around (Club Mix)

15. Ian Ossia – Living In A Disco (Original Mix)

16. GhostMasters – Pumpin Jumpin (Extended Mix)

17. DJ Blackstone, Luxe 54, Evelyn Thomas – High Energy (Block Crown x Sean Finn Club Mix)

18. GhostMasters – Jack To The FunkyTown (Club Mix)

19. GhostMasters, The GrooveBand – An Easy Lover (Extended Mix)

20. GhostMasters – Dreaming About U (Extended Mix)

21. Softmal & Nytron – All Night Long (2K21 Mix)

22. Block & Crown – Axel (Extended Mix)

23. Block & Crown – Alone (Original Mix)

24. Disco Gurls, The Soul Gang – Every Breath U Take (Extended Mix)

25. GhostMasters – Celebrate Good Times (Club Mix)

26. GhostMasters – Scandalous (Extended Mix)

27. GhostMasters – Make Me Lose The Breath (Club Mix)

28. GhostMasters – All The Time (Extended Mix)

29. Disco Gurls – Saturday Night (Nu Disco Mix)

30. Disco Gurls – Party People (Club Mix)

31. Fran Prado, Softmal, LLolita – Comin’ Love vs. It’s Not Right (VIP Edit)

32. Block & Crown, Maickel Telussa – Single Lady (Original Mix)

33. Block & Crown – Baby Give It (Original Mix)

34. Softmal & Nytron – Love Is In The Air (Original Mix)

35. Disco Gurls – Tiger Eyes (Extended Mix)

36. Block & Crown – I Can’t Go For That (Nu Disco Mix)

37. Disco Gurls, The Soul Gang – Who U Think (Extended Mix)

38. Block & Crown, Ghostbusterz – Automatic (Ghostbusterz Remix) (Original Mix)

39. Block & Crown, Paul Parsons – Kick Ya Legs In The Air (Club Mix)

40. Block & Crown – Prayer (Club Mix)

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