Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Summer Throwback Dance Party 2024 Volume I

I’m so fucking pissed right now that I don’t have it in me to write-up some fluff piece about this set or Volume 2.

For those who ignored what I wrote in our Gay Pride Edition 2024, the pieces are falling into place. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, SCOTUS has just made homelessness illegal, legalized obstructing Congress in counting electoral votes to confirm a President, sanctioned bribery for politicians and judges, and dismantled federal agencies overseeing our environment, food safety, consumer rights, and LGBTQ+ protections. In doing so, they’ve seized decision-making power from career federal experts, overriding the Chevron Doctrine that traditionally deferred to their expertise.

After dragging their feet on whether former President Trump has total presidential immunity for absconding with Top Secret classified information back to Mar-a-Lago — something several people are currently in jail for while awaiting trial — on Monday, SCOTUS will hand down their decision. It’s likely to be narrowly tailored, aimed solely at Trump, to avoid granting President Biden any special powers. This case highlights a crucial argument against presidential immunity: presidents are not kings. Granting them immunity from legal consequences undermines accountability and equality under the law, principles foundational to Constitutional Republic.

This is just the beginning. If you haven’t read up on Project 2025, wake up. It’s already underway. All they need is for you to stay home, not vote, and let MAGA control all branches of government.

That’s the message. Happy fucking 4th of July.

  1. Ministry Of Funk – Believe (Deep House Mix)
  2. Ministry Of Funk – Tonite Summer (Summer Vibe Mix)
  3. Ministry Of Funk – In Your Arms Tonite (Deep Groove Mix)
  4. Block & Crown – Jiggy (Original Mix)
  5. GhostMasters – This Beat Goes On (Club Mix)
  6. Jackers Revenge & Ghostbusterz – We Gonna Stomp (Original Mix)
  7. Jackers Revenge – When I Think Of You (Original Mix)
  8. Mistodisco feat. Bananarama – Cruel Summer (ASIL Mashup)
  9. Block & Crown – Her Name (Billy Jean) (Original Mix)
  10. Jackers Revenge, Lissat – Self Control (Original Mix)
  11. FootLoserz – Party Time (Extended Mix)
  12. Nari x Steve Tosi x Nabuk – Waiting Tonight (Original Mix)
  13. Ghostbusterz – Bonita (Original Mix)
  14. Block & Crown, Lissat – Gabriel (Original Mix)
  15. Brothas & Sistas – U Don’t Mean Nothing (Extended Mix)
  16. French Connection + DJ Apollonia – Girls Have Fun (Ibiza Mix)
  17. Sandro Puddu – I Wanna Dance (Original Mix)
  18. Jackers Revenge – What House (Original Mix)
  19. Mother Hackerz – What U Wanna Do (Extended Mix)
  20. Block & Crown – Busy (Original Mix)
  21. Disco Gurls – Your Game (Club Mix)
  22. Eugenio Fico – Call Me Baby (Original Mix)
  23. FlashDancers – Welcome 2 Miami (Extended Mix)
  24. GhostMasters – In2 My Mind (Club Mix)
  25. Disco Gurls – Reach Out For Me (Club Mix)
  26. Laurent Simeca – Ain’t No Sunshine (Original Mix)
  27. Brothas & Sistas – When I Get This Feeling (Extended Mix)
  28. GhostMasters & The GrooveBand – Soul Sista (Extended Mix)
  29. FootLoserz – It Must Be Luv (Extended Mix)
  30. Mother Funkerz – Sweet Sensation (Extended Mix)
  31. FootLoserz – It’s Party Time (Original Mix)
  32. Nari, Steve Tosi – Set Me Free (Original Mix)
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