Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Summer Throwback Dance Party 2022 | Old School Music Mix with a Twist

Eager to ignite a wave of nostalgia, I initially aimed to debut a Block & Crown (Adri Blok) Legacy mix in November as an ode to old school music. However, as time grew short, I had to place this project on hold. With the 4th of July holiday weekend upon us, I found the perfect opportunity to delve into my vast archive of classic mashups and bootlegs, fusing them into an unforgettable ‘Summer Throwback Dance Party’.

Their tunes have sporadically surfaced on Dance Club, Peak Hour, and Disco House compilations over the years, and acted as a treat for the discerning ear. What binds these tracks together is their shared love for the pulsating rhythm of dance music in all its vibrant forms. You’ll discover old melodies reimagined, classic disco or 80s dance tracks seamlessly blended with iconic 90s Hip Hop. The vocals often echo the original artists, though sometimes they introduce a new voice that closely mirrors the original vocalist. While the titles may not instantly ring a bell, the moment you hear them, you’ll find yourself saying, “Wait a minute, I know that tune!”

While Block & Crown have owned this Funky House Music space for a while, others, including Richard Grey, Softmal, Nari, Lissat, and more, have also carved out their space in the throwback dance party landscape. More recently, Ghostmasters, The Soul Gang, Ghostbusterz, and Disco Gurls have made a noticeable impact. I suspect Nacho Chapado & Ivan Gomez are the creators behind these aliases, sharing these remixed gems via their Guareber Recordings brand. Their focus primarily lies in the realm of 80s dance, with occasional explorations into different eras.

In tune with the early summer season, I’ve curated a playlist of dance classics that are the heartbeat of the ‘Summer Throwback Dance Party’ – the perfect backdrop for BBQs, family outings, or lazy afternoons by the pool. Spanning from the 60s to now, with a few fresh current songs with a retro feel peppered in, this compilation perfectly captures the essence of old school music. Some are straightforward reimagined classics tailored for today’s dance floor, much like our ‘Thank God It’s Disco‘ series, but with a broader chronological canvas.

Regrettably, some tracks couldn’t be included due to their abrupt endings, which posed a challenge for a continuous mix set. Despite this, the ‘Summer Throwback Dance Party’ has been my constant companion for the past week, promising a timeless party vibe for all.

If you’re seeking an escape, this set is your ticket to a temporary paradise. It’s a veritable sonic feast!

Keep an eye out for the forthcoming Beach House series – all the tracks are compiled and ready to launch next week. I’m also revamping the Disco House series, but I’ll reveal more about that when it’s time. Until then…ENJOY!

Album: Summer Throwback Dance Party
Genre: Dance, Disco, House, Hip Hop
Year: 2022
Total Time: 04:57:54

1. Block & Crown – Summertime (2020 Clubmix)

2. The Soul Gang – Forget Me Nots (Nu Disco Mix)

3. Dave Aude, Crazibiza feat. Vassy – Hustlin’ (Club Mix)

4. Block & Crown x Paul Parsons – Let The Music (Set You Free) (Club Mix)

5. Block & Crown x Jackheads – Jump (Original Mix)

6. Block & Crown feat. Marc Rousso – The Jam Is Stompin’ (Original Mix)

7. Nari & Steve Tosi – Get Loud (Original Mix)

8. Cardi B, Bad Bunny, J Balvin x Blackout Allstars – I Like It (Like That) (ZAX Extended Remix)

9. Nari – That’s The Way (Original Mix)

10. Devante (NL) – Low On Cash (Original Mix)

11. Block & Crown – U Got The Body (Original Mix)

12. Block & Crown – I Can’t Wait (Club Mix)

13. Block & Crown feat. Starzz – 100 Percent Pure Love (Original Mix)

14. Disco Incorporated x Ministry Of Funk x Castelli & Perazzoli – Shake (Nu Disco Groover)

15. Block & Crown x Paul Parsons – Low Rider (Original Mix)

16. GhostMasters – In2 My Mind (Extended Mix)

17. Block & Crown x Lissat – Jack The Carwash (Original Mix)

18. DJ Blackstone & Luxe 54 feat. A Taste Of Honey – Boogie Oogie Oogie (Softmal & Nytron Remix)

19. Block & Crown feat. Supermodels From Sweden – Nasty Girls (Original Mix)

20. Ghostbusterz – Give It To The Funk (Original Mix)

21. Ghostbusterz – Freak Our Own Thang (Original Mix)

22. SoundDriverz – Forbidden Love (Extended Mix)

23. Crazibiza – Soul Cool (Original Mix)

24. Block & Crown x Bronx Cheer – Waiting For Some Phunk (Original Mix)

25. Block & Crown x Marc Rousso – Summer Stylin’ (Original Mix)

26. Mark Morrison – Return Of The Mack (KAMARENA Remix)

27. Richard Grey – She Takes My Money (Original Mix)

28. Block & Crown – Push It Good (Original Mix)

29. Nari & Steve Tosi – Stars Song (Original Mix)

30. Block & Crown x Paul Parsons – Take You There (Original Mix)

31. Ghostbusterz – My Girl (Original Mix)

32. Aretha Franklin – Respect (Block & Crown Original Mix)

33. Block & Crown – People Everyday (Original Mix)

34. Block & Crown – All Night Long (Original Mix)

35. Block & Crown x Paul Parsons – Gotta Love (Original Mix)

36. Block & Crown x Marc Rousso – Just Got (Original Mix)

37. Block & Crown – Disco Steppers (Original Mix)

38. Block & Crown – Gettin Jiggy Wit It (Original Extended)

39. Luther Vandross – Never Too Much (Softmal Remix)

40. Block & Crown feat. Martina Budde – Mister Deejay (Original Mix)

41. Disco Gurls – Suzanne Dinner (Extended Mix)

42. Latto – Big Energy (Richard Grey Nu Disco Mix)

43. Ghostbusterz – For The Ladies (Original Mix)

44. Block & Crown x Lissat – Keep On (Original Mix)

45. Richard Grey – Don’t Stop The Music (Extended Mix)

46. Block & Crown – You Started This Fire (Original Mix)

47. Richard Grey & Lissat – No Diggity (Original Mix)

48. Block & Crown x Jose – 123 Get Loose Now (Original Mix)

49. GhostMasters – Dance For Me (Original Mix)

50. GhostMasters & The GrooveBand – Get The Satisfaction (Extended Mix)

51. Richard Grey & Lissat – Slim Is Alive (Original Mix)

52. Richard Grey & Lissat – Not My Lover (Original Mix)

53. Lissat – The Bell (Original Mix)

54. Supafly & De Funk – Pleasure Love (Extended Mix)

55. Bill Withers – Lovely Day (Disco Incorporated Remix)

56. Block & Crown – Let It Play On & On (Nudisco 2021 Mix)

57. The Spinners – I’ll Be Around (Frank Delour Remix)

58. Block & Crown x Nick Fiorucci – Don’t Throw My Love (Original Mix)

59. Block & Crown – The Ultimate Jackin Weapon (Original Mix)

60. Block & Crown x Lissat – No War (Original Mix)

61. Block & Crown feat. Scotty Boy – Sway (Original Mix)

62. Richard Grey – Fantastic Voyage (Original Mix)

63. Block & Crown – Shake Your Body (Club Mix)

64. Will Smith – Miami (Charlie Lane Remix)

65. Block & Crown – Help Me (To Stay Alive) (Original Mix)

66. Block & Crown feat. Pete Rose – The 4 Letter Word (Soul) (Original Mix)

67. Block & Crown – Get Up (Throw Ya Hands Up) (Club Mix)

68. Block & Crown & Sean Finn – What’s That (Original Mix)

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